What I Hated the Least Today 88/365: Skirt Season

Spring aka the skirt season

Looking at my last few posts, a pressing question crops up if I ever take snaps of anything else but my legs. Uh. Well. Not really, these days. Several reasons:

  • I’m quite glad that I posses the right number of legs with the right functionality. As there’s a wheelchair user in a class I teach, I’m constantly being reminded that it’s not so bad to have all the limbs.
  • I’m lazy. One’s own legs are the perfect subject to shoot because they always tend to be there and one doesn’t even need to get up to take the shot. Convenient.
  • I’m vain. Legs, whatever, but check out my cool colour tights! I know, right. It’s borderline between cute and creepy to dress oneself up as a smurfette. At my age, it’s probably more creepy, but let’s pretend that I’m a stylish ageing lady. At least, I don’t wear a blue lipstick, which I saw one (un)stylish elderly lady wearing the other day. I wonder if it was by mistake or choice. In either case, it was a mistake and it scared me.

Eventually, this is to announce that I’ve declared the start of the skirt season, known to most people as spring. May it last long so that I get to wear all the colours of tights that I own before the start of the bareleg season, known as summer.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

19 thoughts

  1. Great tights. For the last few months in New York I’ve seen lots of young women who have decided to dye/color their hair electric Smurf blue.
    Being an older woman I will not follow this trend. Also it would not be acceptable for my job.


    1. Awe, thanks 🙂 I’ve seen the bright blue hair trend and I quite like it, when it’s worn by a person who can pull it off. I’m not sure anyone except an experimenting teen can pull off a blue lipstick. I don’t think my students would take me remotely seriously though if I turned up with my hair and my lips blue 😉


  2. Nice tights. Won’t be long before shorts season rolls around here.
    It’s a wonderful thing to have all extremities intact. I, too, am reminded of that when I see the guy in the lobby, who is a double amputee. The fact that he’s such a happy-go-lucky kind of fellah, also puts me to shame.

    Around here, one gets to see the most striking examples of wardrobe malfunction 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂 I hate to sound cheesy, but it is inspiring and motivating to see disabled people coping so well. It’s sure not the end of their life, but it must be extremely hard. I feel awkward about my wheelchair-bound student. I always feel like I’m condescending to her when she comes to me to talk and I’m standing… Not to mention that it’s difficult to guard oneself to avoid sensitive phrases – the other day I closed the lesson with a common Czech phrase which translates into English as “off you run” and then I realised that it wasn’t particularly kind of me as the wheelchair lady isn’t running anywhere.


  3. You’re lucky to have spring , where I’m living we are already having summer weather and I don’t feel like prepping my legs for bare leg season just yet 😦 lol


    1. I can feel you… We had an extremely hot day today – it looks that the transition was from winter right into summer, skipping the spring. Also, snow is forecast for the next week for a change. I wonder where this is going and what season it even is right now.


  4. Legs are not over-rated ! I am grateful for mine every day, even when they are sore from standing too long in the street surreptitiously photographing the house demolition taking place two doors down 🙂 My kids reckon I’m a stalker. I claim to be an artist seeking new avenues of creativity.

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    1. Agreed. Legs are good. They come in handy, so to say. But of course that you would photograph a house demolition, that’s the idea, no? It has nothing to do with being a stalker, it’s what photographers do. You have my full understand on this point.

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