Month: April 2016

What I Hated the Least Today 118/365: YouTube, Scorpions and Pigeons

I’m highly doubtful about the smartness of smart technology. However, for one, YouTube pleasantly surprised me when I entered a halfwit query and it returned the answer I was hoping […]

What I Hated the Least Today 116/365: Not Suitable for Workplace

As I was putting my coat on and leaving work today, I left the office door gaping open because I couldn’t be bothered. Suddenly, a figure materialised in the door […]

What I Hated the Least Today 115/365: What’s This Weather?

If you live in the northern hemisphere, how was your summer? Pray tell me because I must have missed the season this year. The last thing I remember was a […]

What I Hated the Least Today 114/365: Memory Boost

What’s the name of the German guy who hides all my stuff? And: I’m always forgetting to take my memory pills. I was alarmingly distracted and disoriented in the last […]

What I Hated the Least Today 113/365: Koss in California

I picked up my new earphones today after the recent regrettable incident when the cat chewed the old ones and downgraded me to mono sound. I didn’t spend as much […]

Unable to Add Links in Your Posts? Try HTML

If you, like me and fellow bloggers, as Rebekah and John, have trouble adding links to your posts with the new (and improved) inline link tool, HTML might help. It did help […]

What I Hated the Least Today 111/365: Shoes <3

I have had long-standing issues with quality of everything from biscuits to knickers. I believe in the conspiracy theory that Eastern Europe serves as a dump for all of poor quality, since […]

What I Hated the Least Today 110/365: Whatever

Everything that could possibly go wrong today duly did so. The most alarming part about it is that I didn’t even care. My unfuckwithability is positively scaring me. Here’s a […]