What I Hated the Least Today 72/365: Kitty Loyalty


I have a dependent minor. Her name is Ella and she’s four. Also, she’s a cat. She’s used to spending quality time with me 24/7 and she doesn’t take it well that I’ve started to attend a daily course out in the wilderness.

I can’t say what she does when I’m out—I suspect not much—but when I’m in, she melts with me into one. The snap above illustrates our symbiosis. Where I go, the cat goes, and where I sit, the cat sits at my feet.

It’s cute and annoying. I have a huge trouble disengaging her from my legs when I’m trying to leave the flat in the morning. In the evening, she expresses her excitement by meowing for hours on end like her food depended on it. It doesn’t.

When I fail to pet her in regular five to ten minute intervals, she subtly points out that I’m neglecting her by hanging herself from the blinds. She also enjoys getting stuck by her nails in the most unimaginable places—like in the slit between a built-in oven and the worktop.

I’m considering applying to the relevant institution for a confirmation of my inability to work otherwise than from home. It’s in the best interest of the cat’s welfare and my mental health. One can take only so much of sad kitty eyes.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

28 thoughts

      1. Poor baby. Mine is over 5 yo and goes into a blue funk every time I go out. She goes into my son’s bedroom and sleeps on top of his pile of dirty clothes! Comfort smells 🙂


  1. I do think you should apply for that! I can so imagine how you must feel, going away in the morning. Strangely, I can’t think of ONE time, we’ve been away that long [both at the same time], since we moved here. We’re out for two, three hours at the time, and I think he’s very trusting … he’s totally cool when we get back.

    Oh well, one more week to go … then we’ll see what happens, huh 🙂


    1. McDuff is a lucky kitty. My cat used to be like McDuff while I was staying with her, but now she gets suspicious anytime there is any unusual activity that looks like it could be me going out. It’s quite heartbreaking. She still hasn’t got used to being alone, almost three weeks later.


      1. That makes me wonder how long it will take for her to trust again … that you’ll stay at home?! McDuff hisses as soon as someone knocks on the door. If they come in here, then it depends on who it is … whether he accepts them or not. He’s a guard cat LOL


        1. A guard cat is a good feature. My cat always runs to the door when she hears/smells someone around, but she stays quiet and stares through the door. This way I always know when the charwoman is around. Not that it’s particularly helpful.


          1. I was watching Coronation Street the other night, and then I heard that word ‘charwoman’ again. I asked Gerry about it, and he said they used it here too, in olden times.


          2. I thought Canadian English was closer to US English, with some peculiarities of its own. Well, I probably didn’t pay attention when we were doing variants of English at school 😦


          3. I never say OMG, but OMG… It’s a bloody shame that so little space, if any, was devoted to Canada in my course of study. I was just Britain and the US, as if the other English-speaking countries didn’t exist. Also, I could totally live in Canada. Especially now that I know that you spell stuff the “right” way 😉


          4. Yes … plough, not plow. Back in my time, we certainly weren’t taught anything else but BE. We were NOT allowed to say faucet, apartment ‘n stuff like that. 🙂 That has loosened up, big time, in today’s English education in Sweden. Yes, it’s nice here in Canada, and you often see the Union Jack flying, since we’re part of the Commonwealth.

            Every now and then I feel inclined to use OMG, but more often WTF 🙂


          5. Same in Eastern Europe. British English only. It was long after I left secondary school that American English started to be accepted. But the speakers of my generation will always stick to the BBC standard as we’ve been taught. Sometimes I still get upset when seeing US spelling, as though it weren’t correct… And yes. WTF. Much better than OMG.


          6. American English came early in my country. They seem to have a slight obsession with the US. I used to be like that; that I got upset, but not anymore. There are no ‘right or wrong’ … it’s just another English. BBC made a TV-series about the ‘travels of the English language’, and I loved it! It was one of the most interesting shows I’ve ever seen on TV … I learned so much! It was so well presented too.

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          7. I should know much more about language variants, given my education, but British English is deeply ingrained in me and I think I always avoided other variants in order to avoid confusion. It’s not easy to learn a second language, not to mention several variants of the second language…


      1. Yes! Exactly! I have to find somebody new to take care of her when I travel and I’ve been putting it off. I say that she will be upset but actually it’s me who will be freaking out. I’m sure she will have a fabulous holiday. PS she’s curled up in my lap right now while I sip coffee and read my comments. 😊


    1. That’s a good decision for people who tend to be out a lot. I didn’t realise the cat would be so dependent on me, she wasn’t like this before when she lived outside in the garden. Since I took her in the flat, she seems to be more fixated on my company.


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