What I Hated the Least Today 43/365: Imitation

043 (1)
I left my artwork unattended and this happened

Life is an imitation of art. Or is it art is an imitation of life? In either case, I drew from life an imitation of life in art. I mean, I printed out a picture which I then tried to copy in watercolours.

While cleaning, I listen to march songs from the era of real  socialism because the lyrics are hilarious and the rhythm is perfect for scrubbing things. I have a playlist of this kind of music saved on YouTube and as I was polishing the laptop today, I noticed a particular picture that went with one of the songs. The picture, as the music, strained reality impossibly—but so do, say, stock photos.

I printed the picture in monochrome due to a lack of a colour printer, but I don’t blame the model for my failure to paint it even in a marginally mimetic manner. I used artistic licence generously, but I’m sorry to admit that the sheer horror of the result isn’t really deliberate. Next time I’ll stick to stick figures.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

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    1. Paint is even more difficult than what I thought, I imagined I might be able to paint something at least moderately resembling the model, but I was disappointed in my lack of skill. Still, I had my fun and I know now to stick with abstractions when painting 🙂

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  1. I smiled when I read about the YouTube-list with marches … I can imagine! I only know one, but that one would probably by good for cleaning and scrubbing.

    The other night I printed out a b/w photo of myself, and then traced it with a pencil. It was difficult because the paper was too thick — I couldn’t keep it on the table … had to hold it up against a lamp, so the pencil drawing got very thin. I showed my husband and he could see it was me at least. Guess I could fill in the lines and add to it a little …

    The cat is a work of art!

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    1. Awe, that’s a great idea for an art project! A shame I didn’t see the result on your blog, maybe would be fun to share? I don’t think I’ll be trying my hand at people again anytime soon, unless it’s stick figures, which in my version resemble actual people more than my painted figures.

      The cat attempted to become one with my artwork, and she succeeded to an extent, I’m still washing paint of the floor as she leaves tracks behind. I don’t know what possessed her to sit in wet paint.

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      1. I’ll share it in another blog, and give you the link in a while … I don’t like people, but one can always try and draw them from photos anywhere … LOL


        1. Oh well, I don’t like people particularly either, but I find twisted pleasure in taking creepy pictures of random strangers, torturing characters in stories and deforming people in my drawings 😮

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        1. Wow! That’s pretty good!! Leave it as it is, I don’t think it needs any additions.

          Also thanks again for showing me Tap, I got a test blog set up now there and it’s perfect!


          1. Once something is actually up on the site, sure, but now it’s a fresh install… I was quite thrilled though that is actually works the same as a self-hosted site – except for free. Now I’m trying to learn html and css, then I’ll practise on the site. Will be probably a very boring site, though, it’s just for tech testing…


    1. It’s actually by your doing that I’m attempting more childish artworks, since you mentioned one needs to realise the inner child 😉 I prefer my stick figures too. I’m thinking of making some ones. But I probably won’t blog them so as not to expose readers to so much torture in such a short time span.

      Absolutely love the video! I saw just the illustrations on Bored Panda the other day, but the video is much better, with sounds too 🙂

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