What I Hated the Least Today 41/365: Faces


I neither remember nor recognise people’s faces. Coupled with my poor memory for people’s names, I have no means of orientation in people. I do remember names of writers though because that’s what I spent my time doing when I was doing and am still doing literature. I also assume that I would have a better chance at remembering people’s names if I listened when they introduce themselves. I’m usually too distracted by introducing myself to notice anyone else introducing themselves.

I received two friend requests on Facebook overnight, and it was Facebook that incited my thinking about faces. I recognised neither the faces nor the names of the people who added me and I was about to delete them when I noticed we shared some friends. I dived into the depths of my least favourite social medium and discovered that the two persons in question must have been my classmates fifteen years ago. While this was settled, I still couldn’t say which classmates these were.

After much digging around, I retrieved the namelist of my childhood classmates. It didn’t help greatly because both aspiring Facebook friends were women who changed their last names with marriage, I assume. Their first names narrowed down the options but I was still left with several candidates. Their profile photos were that of complete strangers, not assisted by their stock photo style and airbrushing, which erased all individual features. Eventually, I managed to identify one of them. The other one remains a mystery. I consider it impolite to ask her who the hell she is.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

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  1. I read, a while back, that one can have some kind of dysfunction, where you’re unable to recognise people’s faces 🙂 Don’t know how true that is — it was an actor, either Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp, who came out and said he had this ‘dysfunction/disease/whatever’ and it was backed-up by some scientist.

    I’m a little better at names than faces.

    Had the exact same thing happen to me, a couple of months ago, in my likewise LEAST favourite, social media. I added her, because it was obvious that I knew her [she sent me a PM], and after a few weeks I began to remember more and more about her.

    In this least, favourite media, I’ve filled in my maiden name in some hidden setting, so if someone were to search for me, they should be able to find me. Maybe.


    1. That’s extremely interesting, so having no memory for faces/names is now a medical dysfunction too?! If it is, I have it. You see, I must have everything…

      Facebook is the horror, the horror. I started to use it somewhat perversely for professional reasons only recently – LinkedIn is hardly used here, and I’ve made more relevant connections on Facebook than on LinkedIn or elsewhere. The last time Facebook amused me, not in a good way, was when a survey popped up asking me to rate my newsfeed experience – turned out to be rating which ads I’d prefer to see. No ads, obviously.

      Isn’t it a curious experience though when you know that you know a person but don’t know who she is… I still haven’t figured my new FB friend out.


      1. I think it was Brad Pitt.

        FB is bizarre. How did it turn adult, intelligent people into what they are … sharing stupid pictures and quotes. Still I’m there. If it wasn’t for my hometown group, I would have cancelled my account long time ago. They have a tremendous power with that user base, though.

        Tonight I shared a cat .gif there LOL


        1. FB is bizarre for sure. But it’s tempting too. I sometimes succumb to the temptation to share pictures of my cat. As to “motivational” quotes and pictures, I can’t stand them. I’m too much of a cynic for that.


          1. I am too [cynic], and they irk me as they don’t change anything — people just go on with their lives, no matter how ‘true’ they are.


  2. Sometimes I remember a name. Sometimes I remember a face. I just wish I could recall them with greater frequency when the individual in question is standing in front of me smiling like an old friend :/


    1. Exactly. Though I’d consider it a success if I remembered either a name or a face at all. What’s happened to me a few times is that I almost approached people whom I thought I knew but didn’t. They just roughly looked like someone else.

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  3. I forget names too. Facebook should have a search function where you could search for things like: “that guy who got totally drunk at that party and then pissed in a vase over by the table in the corner where those two idiots (that I don’t know) were making out.”


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