What I Hated the Least Today 37/365: Overpaid



It’s not me who is overpaid, sadly, I’m still underpaid and unemployed. However, today I fished out of the postbox a long awaited letter. It was an annual electricity bill. I’ve been expecting it with undue thrill because it’s my first year living in this place and my first time using electricity for heating.

I dreaded that I might need to take a loan to pay the difference between my monthly payments and my actual electricity consumption. Why, yes, I practically runย on electricity, I’m permanently hooked onย my computer while drinking gallons of coffee made in an electric kettle.

When I opened the bill, I nearly got a stroke. Turns out my monthly instalments were set so high to start with that I ended up overpaying the bill by about one third. Sadly, the balance will be used towards my payments in the following months (I won’t be paying anything until June, ha), so there will be no party to throw away the extra money.

Still, I don’t remember being so deeply pleased about a letter since I got a letter of admission to a university fifteen years ago. I must be getting old.


18 comments on “What I Hated the Least Today 37/365: Overpaid”

  1. Yay! Good for your! Power companies seem to have the same system all over the world. They make an estimate, and then it’s regulated once a year.

    I recall TWO letters that have made me that happy [and surprised]: A tax return many years ago, where I expected to OWE them money, and got lots back instead. The letter with my grades in German. I took three years of German as an adult student … all paid for by my employer.


          1. Ein BiรŸchen ๐Ÿ™‚ With some practice, I think it would come back. I needed it for my job then, that’s why they paid. So … I spoke on the phone in German many times a day, but only about technical stuff [the graphite electrodes again ๐Ÿ™‚]. Wouldn’t know day-to-day words like ‘crow’, or anything now.

            GrรผรŸ Dich! LOL


          2. Now, it’s curious on what principle (if any) Akismet sometimes spams you and other times not. Don’t let the bastard put you off! I check the spam folder regularly ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember a few words from German, I do remember the grammar too, but not enough to speak. I guess I’d be able to relearn too. For now, what stuck in my memory are useful words such as Abtreibung (abortion). We had an enlightened textbook ๐Ÿ˜€


          3. My husband took some Hebrew in his youth. They also had a textbook like that; he remembers one sentence: The horse is on the roof.

            I didn’t know Abtreibung LOL I do know Auftragsbewegung though. Just as pointless..


          4. I wonder in which world there is a horse on the roof. Auftragsbewegung is clearly more useful than Abtreibung. I can imagine myself saying the former rather than the latter.

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  2. Our electric company is the highest in the area. 4 miles down the road is the least expensive company. If only they had drawn the line just a little more up the hill.


    1. Oh dear, that’s a shame… We can actually choose our power provider here, except there’s not so much to choose from – even with the least expensive company, you’ll pay quite a lot.


  3. We had estimated readings for over twelve months as they refused to come on premises because of our dog. She’s the size of a flea and is always inside! But her barking apparently was enough to terrify them. When we eventually had a proper reading it was so overpaid we were more than six months ahead!!


    1. Oh no! That’s silly and hilarious, to refuse to come because of a dog… On the other hand, I had people refusing to come to my flat because of my cat. They either claimed allergies or claimed that she would run away. They probably imagine that I never open the door and climb out of the window to get out.

      But it’s always a pleasure to have your payments covered in advance! Sure, it’s nothing free, you paid the money, but still…

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