Literary Lion: Pool

In response to Laura Feasey’s Literary Lion challenge: Pool.

The old man didn’t like doing that. But someone had to. It had been raining and the old corroded tub in the backyard was half-filled with dirty water. That would do. It was about time too. They were already starting to crawl, squealing like rats as they were stumbling and falling on their faces. Silly little things. He picked the nearest one and carried it to the tub. It shrank to half its size when immersed. Just like a wet rat. Two more to go. He really hoped that the cat wouldn’t have any more this season. One was enough.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

18 thoughts

  1. Uhm, not a very nice story….. I would say that for this story your tag of “never liked rainbows & ate the unicorn for lunch” is appropriate 😉


    1. Ha, well, I know, I was thinking of putting a trigger warning somewhere on the blog that tender-hearted people might wish to leave at once. It’s not a nice story because it’s not even a story – the grandfather used to drown kittens before I got the cat neutered. Thanks for stopping by, hope I didn’t spoil your weekend 😉

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading my nasty story! I didn’t realise how nasty it was when I was writing. And I’m a huge cat lover, so imagine what abomination I’d create if I wrote about something I don’t like :-O

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  2. I felt funny pressing the like button when the subject matter brought back horrible memories of neighborhood fathers where I grew up. But I like the truth, in that many did and I am sure still do exactly that. It takes courage to write of things get swept under the carpet or ignored. If the world does not face the atrocities happening every day, how can they be recognized, how can they be challenged, how can they dealt with, and how can we grow and heal?.


    1. I know, some posts are just not for “liking”. I did write this story based on my experience a few years ago when I came across kittens drowned in the backyard, courtesy of the grandfather. While I was horrified, especially because the grandfather is otherwise a nice person, I tried to imagine how he felt about it, as he was brought up so that he didn’t know otherwise. He probably didn’t even know that cats can be neutered. There’s a sort of happy ending though: I got the cat in question neutered and the last time I saw her she looked perfectly happy 🙂

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment on such a dark story 🙂 It was actually my first attempt to write a story – besides a six-word-story two weeks ago – so despite the choice of subject, I had fun experimenting with writing 🙂

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    1. I’m a great cat lover too. I think that’s why I wrote such a morbid thing, to achieve some impact on the reader – E. A. Poe says that the most tragic thing is the death of a young beautiful woman, to me it’s the death of a small beautiful kitten…


      1. Oh gosh yes, that is so true, maybe he didn’t have the pleasure of a kitten. I think most of us are more affected by animals suffering than people suffering, I’m sure I read somewhere a while ago that animal charities get many more donations than ‘people charities’. Its the helplessness I think.


        1. That’s curious about the animal charities getting more support than people charities! But it makes sense when one thinks about it. With animals, you always know for sure that they did nothing wrong and didn’t deserve whatever evil happened to them.

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    1. Oh I’m so sorry! Next time I’ll use a trigger warning, ok? But don’t be upset, it’s just a silly story. And be assured that I’m a huge cat lover (as my cat, whom I regularly annoy by sniffing her head because she smells nice, would confirm).

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