What I Hated the Least Today 26/365: Kalashnikov


I’m in the wrong region. It’s one where you can’t stream video, have CDs or DVDs delivered from Amazon, and where beer is cheaper than water (no wonder). The Czech Republic however regularly makes it in the headlines when something politically incorrect and hilarious happens here. We have a long track record of naughty presidents in particular.

The former president Klaus had issues with pen thefts:

Our current president Zeman has longstanding booze issues:

Today, Zeman condoned the use of kalashnikov as a political weapon. Article here. Now, that’s silly, because this isn’t Russia (yet), and we do shotguns rather than kalashnikovs here. Nevertheless, on this news, I’m going to bed amused today. Better amused than ashamed.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

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  1. I had not seen that pen pinching clip before. How funny. I loved his sneaky wee facial expressions and the smug look of satisfaction too. I want a close up of the pen so I can see whether it was worth the ridicule.


    1. Our president was a natural. A natural thief, that is. While I don’t know if the pen was worth it, he shall never lack a pen in his life because there was a national collection here of pens for the president. They were sent to his residence in response to the incident.

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  2. What’s up with that … the part about streaming and Amazon? Why is that?

    Kalashnikovs … geez, those are AK47, an automatic firearm. I remember well Mr. Yeltsin — another guy who really loved his booze!

    In any event, I’m glad you’re going to bed amused. Stay safe! 😂


    1. I do hope our president won’t sneak up on me in the night with a kalashnikov. I imagine it was his idea of a joke. We’re huge booze lovers here, there’s nothing much left than to drink with a president like this 😉 Also, for the price of a loaf of bread, you could get like five bottles of cheap beer. So guess what some people prefer to buy. (Not the bread.)

      There are some ridiculous copyright law restrictions which disqualify my region from accessing video streaming services from other countries. We’ve had Netflix introduced here finally a few weeks now, but before that, there was no legal way to get at current TV shows, for example. Unless a local provider bought the rights years later and offered it here. Also Amazon won’t ship audiovisual media here because of the copyright restrictions. It’s a bother 😦 But at least they do ship books here!


      1. In Sweden, booze is _extremely_ expensive, still they have so many boozers. People will get it, one way or the other. Speaking of price comparisons: For the price of four heads of cauliflower here now, you can get a barrel of oil! 🙂 Food prices have gone way up, and oil down.

        I see now about the copyrights. We don’t get the same selection of movies in Netflix, for example, as they have in the States. It’s a real downer. Quite often I go and try to watch something on YouTube, only to find “not available in your country”. Bleh!


        1. Sweden is apparently extremely expensive in everything. From what I hear it’s one of the most expensive countries in Europe, if not the most expensive. People from all over Europe, especially Britain and Scandinavia, come to Prague for drinking tips. It’s so ridiculously cheap to drink here that it pays off for them to buy the plane ticket to come here and have some fun 🙂

          Now, I hope you won’t end up eating oil instead of cauliflower…

          By the way, sometimes the regional restrictions in streaming video can be bypassed by changing your IP with some app, like Bear Tunnel or others. It makes your computer appear as if you browsed from another country of your choice. I sometimes use it for YouTube.


          1. They put so much taxes on booze, in order to decrease the drinking. When I came here, I didn’t find all that many things being cheaper … it was pretty much the same, except booze.

            Yeah, I have TunnelBear too. In order to watch on the TV, I’d have to install the VPN on the router, and I’m too chicken to do that. We watch enough anyway 🙂


          2. I get the idea of increasing taxes on some products to make people buy them less, except it can’t work with addicted people. I’d buy my cigarettes, for example, even if I couldn’t buy food. Like, that’s the point of being a smoker, no? Alcohol prices don’t do much to dissuade me from drinking either. But I’m a tough nut to crack.


          3. Raising the taxes on stuff like that won’t do anything, except create a black market. Where I come from there are moonshiners, you can buy 5 litres of booze in plastic containers. I’d choose smokes over food too … to a certain extent. Guess I’d try and get ahold of some fish-sticks too, while I was at it. When I was thirty, I DID live through a period like that.


          4. Near my house there’s an emergency kiosk selling cheap (probably illegitimate) alcohol portions and individual cigarettes – there are always groups of down-and-out figures gathered round it…


  3. The first video wasn’t allowed in my region, but I did view the staggering political figure in the second one. Wow! Shocking he’s still in power.


    1. That’s what I’m talking about with such annoyance – the region restrictions. Well, before I get worked up, you could probably find the video by searching on YouTube for “Czech President Vaclav Klaus stealing a pen”.

      Being drunk in public isn’t such a huge offence here, we have more trouble with corruption and murders on order, so we poke fun at the drunk president rather than anything else. Now I probably entirely discouraged anyone who would want to visit this country – on the other hand, if you like to drink, it’s a must see because alcohol is cheap here.

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  4. The first video was blocked in my region too, but there was a link in the notification to watch it directly on YouTube. I had seen the pen swiping incident on TV back when it happened. It’s still hilarious today. BTW, it’s not uncommon for countries to block content in other regions. It happens between Canada and the USA pretty often with TV clips. There are similar issues with Amazon between countries here too. We have our own Amazon where we can buy items we can’t cross-border purchase.


    1. I realise it’s a worldwide issue that some internet content is not accessible from all regions. Why I got so worked up was that in developed countries, like Canada, you have your own Amazon and Netflix, for example, while in my region there was no alternative. You literally couldn’t get legally at foreign production TV until a few weeks ago, when Netflix was introduced here. #SecondWorldProblems


      1. We have had Netflix in Canada for a few years now, but it doesn’t have anywhere close to the selection that USA Netflix has. But that’s okay, I don’t subscribe, because I don’t like watching TV or movies anymore. I watch TV in 5 minute doses. That’s about all I can take.


        1. I envy you that you don’t watch TV. It might just as well be keeping you sane to stay from it. I get bored easily, so I watch TV as a background for low-key activities like eating, filing my nails or uploading Instagram photos… I watch TV series only. Movies are really too long to keep my attention.

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