What I Hated the Least Today 24/365: Writing


I hate writing. (All right, I hate everything, but I hate writing a lot.) Inexplicably, I chose a career which requires me to write as much as possible as often as possible (aka academia: publish or perish). What’s still a greater mystery, I started to blog so that I had to write even more.

Now I write all the time, unless I procrastinate. (That is, I procrastinate all the time, unless I write.) I’m semi-orgasmic when I actually achieve to write something. (I may or may have not been emitting satisfied purring noises after I’ve written and submitted for prospective publication a short academic paper today.)

Also today, more than three weeks into my What I Hated the Least Today project, I realised what I’ve done. (Why, yes, and why, no, I didn’t see it coming before.) I very much committed myself to writing a blog post every day. How did that happen? I must have had too much champagne when I started this. Also, I should be writing.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

18 thoughts

  1. Love it. I did the same thing with my art journalling I am not into symmetry at all, so what do I do, I join a year long mandala workshop. All the detail and balance I normally run from has now become a daily practice…..at least until I throw it all out the door.


    1. Excellent! So I’m not the only strange person who deliberately does what she doesn’t really like… Maybe it will be good for us at the end! Good luck with your mandala workshop, it sounds very interesting and based on what I see on your blog, it’s just the thing for you 🙂


  2. Ha ha! This is wonderful! I can’t say the same about this, because I still love it [the blog writing], but something similar happened in my work life. This is a big confession, but I loathed just the thought of having a female boss. I’d worked for twelve years, and never told anyone about my thoughts. Then I said it to a friend, and I must have jinxed it, because after that day I never had a male boss again LOL On top of it all, I decided to ‘change direction’ a little … went into the medical field, so that of course didn’t help. Now I’ve even WRITTEN the damned stuff LOL


    1. Oh dear, what a story! I hate having female bosses too. I’m not comfortable with that. I think men are easier to get along with – that is, men bosses, not men in general 😉 Maybe now that you confessed in writing, the situation will revert back to normal…


  3. There must be something in the wind: I hate baking but I’ve been baking two new recipes a week since the new year. And they’ve all been edible. So now I experience pressure from the family and my sweet tooth (teeth) to keep doing this thing that irritates the stuffing out of me.


    1. I must be the new year’s optimism. I never believed I’d get inflected by this too. Your baking is definitely more productive than my writing! I can’t eat my manuscript. Well, I could, sometimes I feel like I should, but still.

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  4. Maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere for you all – let’s see, I hate housework, ironing, washing, – and I’m very good at procrastinating about it all. i wonder where that will lead me……..


  5. For someone who hates writing, you are very good at it.

    I liked that expression ‘satisfied purring noises’. Damn, I wish I could purr. I think I’d be really good at it because I’d be purring all the time … because I could 😉


    1. Well, thank you, I’ll see if the publisher will think so kindly as you of my paper 😉 I purr, meow and talk to my cat all the time. Classic crazy cat lady. My cat doesn’t purr audibly – but when I gently put a finger against her throat, it vibrates, so she does purr – so I’m trying to encourage her to purring properly by setting an example, you see 😉


        1. Say hello to Theo 😉 (I hope I have the name right, it’s funny how I come to remember fellow bloggers’ cats’ names – but sometimes I get it awkwardly wrong).


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