What I Hated the Least Today 19/365: Outing


I’ve been out today. I’m always out, as in not in, unfashionable and living under a rock. I actually physically ventured out today though. I never go out willingly, only under the threat of force and/or starvation. I don’t assume I’d even notice if I were put under house arrest, and if I noticed, I’d likely be delighted.

I went for an outing today to run some errands and purchase food stock to live on for another week without having to leave the flat. On the way, I witnessed an assortment of curiosities. I imagine the curiosities were perfectly normal, but I’m easily entertained. I saw:

  • A shutdown pub whose windows alternated stickers Just open and Closed down. I shot my reflection in one of the windows, hence the featured image of this post.
  • A ten-year-old male kid smoking an electronic cigarette. What a dumbass, if you excuse me (and even if you don’t, I’m afraid I must insist).
  • A mother pushing a pram of poisonous green colour and wearing yoga trousers of the same poisonous green. Unfortunately, the trousers were a size smaller than the woman and her baby was too young to tell her that she doesn’t quite rock the outfit.
  • Two black cats, which ran away, frightened out of their fur, when I approached them waving my arms hysterically and crying awwweeee. I don’t blame them.
  • A hole punched in the door of a psychiatric clinic. I don’t blame the patients either. I was tempted to re-punch the door in the hole as I was waiting for my appointment.

14 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 19/365: Outing

  1. What a dumbass … it will probably halt his growth — that’s what they used to tell me when I was a kid.
    About the yoga pants … it’s a common sight here, and you know about the obesity problem in North America … go figure. I just don’t understand WHY one would want to wear them, when you’re that big, but … it’s their thing I guess *shrug*.

    I’ve seen and heard many curious things in psychiatric clinics, not only the punched holes 🙂


    1. I’m delighted that we’re in agreement. As a smoker, I know too well what a dumb habit it is. Don’t get me going about yoga trousers – I wear nothing else at home, but I have sense enough not to wear it in public… It is surely everyone’s business but I like it when people are considerate of other people… I know, I’m mean.


      1. I’m a smoker too. We’re a threatened species here.

        I’ve never seen you, but I have a feeling you’re not overweight … just an idea in my head. Very well put «considerate of other people». The farthest I go in these trousers is the garbage chute, hoping nobody will be in the hallway 🙂


        1. Well, I may not be overweight (yet), but I don’t think I have the figure and age to pull off yoga trousers – like you, I only wear these when I take out the rubbish, literally sneaking and hoping that I won’t meet anyone on the way.


          1. Haha, yes, I think we all do that, envisioning people whom we never saw! Incidentally, I do envision you as small and thin too. Curious! P.S. I’m average height and average weight, though in my mid-20s, my weight was slightly below 50kg. I did look somewhat malnourished.


          2. I had done that once, with another blogger … envisioned. Finally I got to see a photo of her, and my picture was spot on! Even her features, it was almost eerie 😊. I’m rather tall, 171 cm, average weight, even though I wouldn’t mind losing, say … 5, 10 kilos.


          3. That’s totally eerie! Well, I wouldn’t mind losing 15 kilos to get back to my fifty. But I think that’s really to much to ask. People no more think that I’m anorectic, except they now think I’m pregnant.


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