What I Hated the Least Today 18/365: Nightmares


I have nightmares on the regular, but I’ve grown used to it and it certainly doesn’t detain me from sleeping as much as I can. Today I had a particularly colourful and hilarious nightmare.

I was sleeping, but I dreamt that I was woken up by some noise. The noise turned out to be the sound of rubbish bags piled on my shoe rack (ready to be taken out when the decision is ripe), now in the process of tumbling down because the cat tossed them over. While I do have a cat, my cat doesn’t climb furniture and knock down rubbish. I immediately got suspicious. It appeared that my cat was sleeping peacefully on the window sill, and another cat was tampering with my rubbish. But how did the other cat get in here?

I fully woke up (while sleeping) and explored. There was indeed an extra calico cat in the flat (my cat is a tabby, and I dreamt a calico cat because I’ve been to a cat cafe the day before and cuddled a calico cat called Masha). There was also an extra hole in the entrance door, through which the calico got in. I was furious because nothing enrages me as much as damage on property (I don’t know why I care, the flat is rented and hence not my property).

I shot out of the door in my red nightie (in fact I was sleeping in my black nightgown), barefooted and with no glasses (that was rather shortsighted of me because I’m shortsighted). I ran downstairs and found a big black charred hole there. There were some construction workers (when I woke up in fact, someone in the house was drilling so vehemently that the floor was vibrating), whom I asked what had happened. You’ve been struck by lightning, one worker said. I was struck. But I thought it fortunate that I had my legs freshly shaved so that I was at least moderately presentable.

For reasons unexplained in the dream, I had to walk round the block (still wearing the red nightie and no shoes) to get back to my flat, which seemed to be suspended in mid-air over the burnt-down site of the house. At my door there was a medium sized brown bear trying to eat my dumb cat, who was fighting back. In rage, I threw myself at the bear with my bare hands, kicked its ass and saved the cat and the day.

I drove the intruding calico cat out of my flat and it disappeared at the neighbour’s, whose corridor looked like a chinatown alley (I dreamt this because I wanted to eat Asian noodles for dinner but didn’t have any). I found that my flat door didn’t lock, so I barricaded it from the inside with one of the two taburet stools which I don’t own.

As I was about to collapse in tears and was deciding on whom to call to cry on the phone (I don’t have anyone to call), I woke up for real. There were no extra cats, bears or holes. Just an overactive neighbour drilling holes in his property. How boring.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

27 thoughts

  1. This was a weird one! But then again … aren’t they always?! It’s rare they make sense. I used to have a recurring dream [about air shows, all those planes flying in formations], but now it’s been years. I used to dream about NYC too, always the same neighbourhood. Don’t know where, but I’d be almost scared if I ever got there and discovered it exists LOL

    I’m on Beta blockers [for life], and they warned me, when I started, they could cause very vivid dreams, but they never did in my case.

    Didn’t you feel exhausted when you woke up for real, after all that?!


    1. I don’t have normal dreams. I’ve had sleep medication prescribed too, but it made me sleep the whole night AND the whole day, so I make do without. I also have recurring dreams and dreams of places which I think are invented but maybe they’re real!

      I feel exhausted all the time, but I was amused rather than anything else when I woke up from this. Because, come on, fighting a bear to save my cat? I’d totally do that, but I don’t think I’d end up victorious.

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      1. Most sleeping pills give me a feeling of being ‘hung-over’ the day after. It’s not good. Others give me a strange, metallic taste in my mouth. There’s always something. Benzodiazepines feel great, but it’s very difficult to go back to normal sleep, when I’ve taken them a few nights in a row.

        In that NYC dream, I saw the moon … it looked like one of those you see in those photoshopped images online; huge!

        I’d do that too [bear fight] LOL


        1. Yes, I had it too, the hung-over feeling after sleeping pills. I’m quite glad that I’m not on sleeping pills, but my sleeping patterns are really messed up. And then I dream that I’m awake and running round the block… What a mess!


          1. I am chronically tired. My physician says I’m perfectly healthy. Well. Tonight I was going around killing people in my dream. I woke with dread as to what to do with all the dead bodies. Oops.


          2. Good on you. Have you tried maybe some mind machine apps? I used the mind machine once and it worked surprisingly well for me. I always fell asleep while using it, and had no dreams, which is an improvement when you have nightmares on the regular. Oh wait, now I recall that mind machines are not allowed in the US, I don’t know about Canada.


          3. Well, it mustn’t be used by people with epilepsy or seizure history, and there remain questions about the safety of this, considering that it’s not allowed on the market in the US. But my personal experience is quite good. I’m a smoker, as you know, so I doubt there’s much worse that I could do to my body 😮


  2. This was such an interesting dream, Mara. It sounded so vivid and I could imagine it in my head as I read it 😀 The fighting bear part sounded like the climax of the dream, and from the sounds of it you sounded like a very strong fighter – and you sort of left unscathed. Fighting could mean two things, or symbolise two things: either you are strong and willing to go the distance, or that you are trying to resist something.

    This might be coincidental, but of late, practically each night I’ve been having very vivid nightmares and I wake up so tired. I’ve been writing them all down, and if I dream at the rate I’m dreaming for the next few weeks, I’ll probably have enough dreams for a book. Recently I dreamt of having a conversation with an acquantaince, and at the end of the dream I discovered he was a criminal. The other time I dreamt of eating dinner in a restaurant and it wasn’t a pleasant experience…and the next day my family and I went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant…


    1. Thank you a lot for stopping by and sharing your dreaming experience! Your interpretation of the bear fight really got me thinking – I think both ways would apply to me. I already solved the Asian noodles part of my dream – I got me some!

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  3. Dream journalling can be really interesting – analyzing and looking for meanings and patterns. It seems that a lot of people currently are having very vivid, weird dreams, me included 🙂


    1. I’m really tempted now to start recording my dreams. They’re usually crazy and often funny – in retrospect, that is – that might make for a good blog post, or a book! Maybe we should start a challenge of writing down our dreams!

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          1. It’s a dream for crying out loud!! Images and things in dreams are often symbols of bits of ourselves 🙂 So which bits of you were you trying to kill off?


          2. Oh dear, I wonder which parts of myself I’m trying to kill off. It would look like I’m just going for the whole of me. On a happier note, no dreams last night, so maybe it’s not as bad as it looked!


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