What I Hated the Least Today 17/365: Humans


I prefer cats to humans, and neither cats nor humans seem to prefer me. However, I recognise the necessity of occasional contact with fellow people, which was what I had on mind when I agreed to meet an old colleague and a new colleague for coffee today. Naturally, I suggested to meet in a cat cafe to balance the inevitable (humans) by the cute (cats).

The new colleague turned out to be perfectly unobjectionable. She lives alone with two cats and a dog and has a boyfriend. As long as she has cats, I forgive the dog and the boyfriend. She is smart and pretty enough, but neither smarter or prettier than either me or my old colleague. Sadly, she’s thinner than either of us, which I mildly disapprove (that is, am envious) of.

When the new girl left to walk her boyfriend and attend to her dog (maybe the other way round), the two of us old girls proceeded to assess her. We were eager to weave some gossip, alas, we ended up agreeing that the new colleague was nice (and I meant it). What a disappointment. We must be getting old and soft, with nothing more interesting to think about other people than that they are nice. The next thing I know I’ll think that I’m a nice person too. Phew.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

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  1. Great post 🙂 Very entertaining … I have gotten old, but not soft. The cat tried to ‘talk to me’ during Downton Abbey, I told him I was busy (!)

    My blog page is screwed up for the moment. Had to CALL my host, and I hate that — I prefer the support chat, but that’s not open on Sundays. Now I have to wait a few hours before it gets back up again. The support guy’s name was Romeo 😀

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    1. Hahaha 😀 I’m glad you liked my little mean post! Obviously, the cat has no business to disturb during Downton Abbey, and mine already knows it! Love the series.

      I saw that your blog was down and I totally commiserate with you. Hopefully Romeo will sort it out 😀


      1. Need to get ahold of Romeo again, but at least it’s Monday so I can do the online thing — I don’t know, but since the Internet came around, I’ve started to dislike talking on the phone. I, who used to be such a phone-person. At least the few times I’ve had to talk with this company, which is located in Arizona, it’s always been easy to hear and understand what they’re saying. Sometimes, when they sit in India, the connection is awful.

        I feel upset about this LOL … just as if I had a website with thousands of visitors! I’d come up with such a clever solution, I though, and then of course THIS had to happen …


        1. Welcome back! I share you dislike of talking on the phone. Whenever I can write an email rather than phone, I write the email. I can’t imagine talking to India, I’m very bad at understanding foreign accents, which is ridiculous because I have a foreign accent myself.


          1. I do too, naturally, and I think that’s part of the problem. Quite often we get those survey calls here, and they almost always have heavy, Asian accents. I just can’t do it.


          2. Quite often they turn R into L, which makes it confusing ‘flied lice’ instead of fried rice …

            Hey, do you ever eat/make knoedl or knödl? Remember the guy I talked about from Ružomberok?! My husband and I were talking about dumplings tonight, and then I remembered this guy tought me how to make them, and what they were called. It was in the early 80’s so I can’t remember, but they were made from flour, and steam-boiled. We ate them with some ragu and it was really good!


          3. Flied lice is cute 🙂 And totally incomprehensible. I’m not mean, I just lack the ability to tune my ear to the accent.

            Knödls though! I don’t make it, but it’s a staple here. There are various kinds, I love the potato kind the most. Great with duck and sauerkraut. Notice how all traditional Czech meals have a German name. What the heck…


          4. Never tried the potato one. We do have something, a little similar in Sweden, but they are big, filled with pork or bacon, so it’s a meal in itself. It’s sauerkraut here too, and knödl they wouldn’t know …


          5. After he taught me how to make knödl, I used to make them often. There’s this, traditional, Swedish dish … a sort of stew with veal and lots of dill — the knödl fit right in there, but now it’s been ages …


          6. That’s wonderful 🙂 A Swedish Canadian with a taste for knödls. But let’s not talk about food, I’m a horrible cook and I’m getting hungry…


          7. Cooking is something I love to hate, still I do it every day. I try to see to that I get stuff that’s easy and fast. The less time I have to spend in the kitchen, the better.

            It _could_ be the kitchen itself that has caused this. It’s small, dark and ugly. Two people cannot be there at the same time.


          8. Yep. It’s one room, but quite sizeable, with a good-size corridor and bathroom. And a ridiculously huge terrace which I only use for smoking. I like smaller living spaces, easier to clean…


          9. The kitchen/dining area … how did they solve that? Is the kitchen stuff along one wall?

            I like smaller spaces too, when I’ve lived alone. Easier to clean, and also I’m in control and know that I can’t accumulate a lot of unnecessary stuff.


          10. Bedsits are quite common here, the kitchen is usually along one wall, yes. I have an L-shaped kitchen, so along two walls – not along the whole length, of course. It’s a great place, sometimes I’m sorry I only rent it… And yes, moving from a house to a smallish flat helped me to get rid of lots of unnecessary stuff.


  2. I like your style, Mara. That who “universally detested” business, whether with cats, folks, or half-digested unicorns, doesn’t just happen. We work hard for that shit.


    1. I know, right! I’m a natural, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have to cultivate my grumpiness. Also, unicorns are rather stodgy, pink meat and all. Thank you for stopping by!


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