What I Hated the Least Today 8/365: Cleaning


I’ve been cleaning the flat today. Because it’s Friday. I hate cleaning, but I stubbornly clean each Friday. Because I’m OCD. Also, I love to have the flat cleaned.

I clean Fridays, no matter what holiday or humbug happens to fall on that day. I was cleaning on the Christmas Day and the New Year’s Day.

The last time I wasn’t cleaning on Friday was when my viva fell on the day. I seriously contemplated getting up three hours early to clean before going, but I didn’t. My OCD never forgave me for that.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

14 thoughts

  1. It’s funny the OCDs we have. I have a thing about numbers I can see, such as TV volume: I have to have an even number. I also have to have perfectly written and organized shopping lists. Last week I wrote the same shopping list four times just to get it perfect. Books in alphabetical order by author surname if fiction and by subject of non-fiction. Clothes hanging in colour order. I could go on. At least your OCD is useful and productive unlike all of mine.

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    1. Oh dear, are you sure you’re not me?! Even numbers are a matter of course, I fiddle with volumes as long as to get an even number. Books alphabetically plus by subject matter, check. Clothes by colour, plus type, check. And I thought my obsessions were rare! (Though I also keep everything in the flat perfectly symmetrical, e.g. the door to my room, which I don’t close, needs to be open in a 90 degree angle. The list goes on.)

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      1. No way! I don’t have the angles thing, I’m afraid. We part ways there. I have specific places for things and get needled when things don’t go back to their designated place. Which, living with five slobby males, means I’m always in a state of low level anxiety.

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        1. You don’t have the angles things? Good on you, makes your life way easier. There are angles everywhere and it’s taxing to make sure they’re all properly aligned. I don’t think I’d survive sharing a home with other human beings because I’d surely end up terrorising them if they failed to observe my intricate OCD support system.

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  2. I have the numbers thing too, with the sound on the TV. A former husband [RIP] was much worse; he looked at the clock radio, trying to figure out if the numbers there were prime numbers or not. I tend to count while cutting up a tomato in slices. But my OCD has become much more relaxed as I’ve aged. Except with photos … when I see photos, taken by ‘almost professional’ photographers, and they haven’t straightened the horizon … I get some kind of creepy itch — I want to correct it but I can’t.

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    1. I’m sorry about your husband. I’m pleased to hear though that things get better with age. I can’t wait. Imagine all the time I’d have without constantly taking rounds in the flat and checking that everything is in its place and properly aligned. Don’t get me started about the horizon thing. I never took a straight photo in my life but at least I know to fix it. That’s the first thing you do when you edit a photo, right?


      1. Yes, it’s the first thing, and that’s why I get that feeling … but only when I see it in the ones who seem to be so ‘professional’ and serious about their photography.

        Yeah, you’d ‘save time’, if you didn’t have to go through those procedures 🙂


          1. Yes, I think the ones that sit really deep within us you can’t ‘think away’, just like that. I don’t cut my fingernails on a Sunday. I still haven’t manage to bring myself to do it … and why would I?!


          2. Now, this is funny, never heard of not cutting one’s fingernails on a Sunday. Actually, I mostly do my nails on Sundays to be presentable for Monday…


  3. I feel soooo much better reading this post and the comments. I’m not so odd after all.
    Can I add closet doors and drawers left open? I’m twitching just thinking about it.

    Having said that, my diningroom table – which serves as my office – always seems to be a perpetual mess of papers. Sigh.


    1. What, what, open closet doors and drawers?! Anyone who does that is my enemy for life… There’s a practical reason for closing everything – the other day I left a closet door open for a little while, bent for something, stood up and banged my head quite hard on edge of the open door. So, OCD can save your life 🙂


      1. Husband is notorious for leaving doors and drawers open, but has improved DRAMATICALLY since we got a cat. As you know, a cat will take advantage of any open drawer or door 🙂
        Theo achieved in under a year what I failed to achieve in 30 😉


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