Weekly Photo Challenge: Now


In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.



18 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Now”

        1. I actually haven’t got down to the art of sober photography as yet, for now I’m staying in the gutter with the drunk photography (and call it artistic intention).


    1. Haha, yes, I know, I was lazy writing anything about why I’m posting this particular picture, so I just added a link to the challenge 😀 “Now” was a tough prompt to respond to! Sending you a quick smile 😉

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    1. I find bikes quite photogenic too, though I’d normally prefer to take pictures of other means on public transport, like trains or trams. I’m not sure why but means of transport fascinate me.

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      1. It might be that the transportation machines look so much, well, like machines… All that technical stuff, the metal merging with other materials – I guess that makes it look so fascinating!


          1. Yeah, I feel similar – although I love the mountains or the woods I’m still rather to be found in the city, photographing cracked walls or cemeteries^^


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