Just Thursday Blog Hop: Mundane Phoneography 22-42/365


Each week, Rebekah, Nuvofelt and I invite you to celebrate the mundane in the Just Thursday blog hop. The idea is to focus on something that is ordinary for you but might not be so ordinary for others. You are invited to blog about your everyday and share a link to your blog post in the comments.

For this Thursday, I’m sharing a collection of photos from days 22 to 42 of my new Phoneography Project 365. I have posted them on the blog already, one per day (unless when I don’t manage and then catch up!), but I thought they would look neat in a gallery like this.


17 comments on “Just Thursday Blog Hop: Mundane Phoneography 22-42/365”

        1. Oh it’s a shame, but maybe it wasn’t just the right time. I’m excited that now Amy and Andy joined me in the 365 Project, so maybe you’ll at some point feel like jumping on the bandwagon too! 😉

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  1. What a fascinating collection, taken as a whole! A nice lot of variety. I’ve been quite dull, today, simply narrating our morning , Sam’s and mine, and her Flea (dog toy): http://wp.me/pmyPA-xw

    My adventure for the rest of the day is a journey out to the mall for a haircut. Shorter hair is more convenient than when it was down past my waist, but it does call for more frequent trimmings.

    I hope that your day has gone well!


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and contributing with your own take on the mundane! I love the idea of taking a notation of one’s day, it sounds simple and boring, but to me it’s the opposite. That’s the kind of blog posts that I’m, curiously, most interested in!


    1. Awe… It’s a wonderful post, though I realise I always say it to you, but that’s how I feel about your little stories. You remind me of Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield. That’s supposed to be a compliment 😉

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