Just Thursday Blog Hop: Mundane Phoneography 35/365


Another week is here and so is the Just Thursday blog hop co-hosted by Rebekah, Nuvofelt and me. The idea of the challenge is to share something mundane and perhaps look at it from a new perspective.

I’ve recently started a Phoneography 365 Project, taking and posting a photo a day. This is also my contribution to this challenge. Would you like to take part too? Make a mundane post and share it in the comments!


16 comments on “Just Thursday Blog Hop: Mundane Phoneography 35/365”

    1. It’s wonderful as ever! Seriously. You have a talent for writing about little things and making them extremely interesting. Your story appeals to me a lot, and it’s great that you wrote about what I photographed! ❤


    1. Thank you for putting this up! 😉 It’s a very interesting insight into what is an exotic corner of the world for me – and the subject is so cheerful and bright!


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