Poetry 101 Rehab: Rubbish

Poetry 101 Rehab: Rubbish

Do you miss the Writing 201: Poetry course by the Daily Post? Then join this blogging challenge, Poetry 101 Rehab, that will provide your poetry fix!

How It Works

Each Monday at 01:00 pm UTC I will publish a poetry prompt along with my response to it. You are invited to answer the prompt, twist it or ignore it; write a poem of your own or share a poem by another author.

I would love to hear about your inspiration, your creative process or other poetry related thoughts, but this is no way obligatory. Nothing is obligatory in this challenge, the idea is to get together, talk poetry and have fun!

How You Can Join

Anyone can participate, anytime you want. Publish your poetry post and add a link to it to the InLinkz link-up below my post, or share your link in a comment. Use the tag Poetry 101 Rehab, so we can find each other in the Reader.

I will act as your hostess, and I’ll be here for you to reply your comments, read your verses, like and comment. While my blog is the starting point for the challenge, do visit fellow poets in the link-up and chat to them on their blogs!


The Prompt: Rubbish

R b
R     h

Ru    sh


This week’s prompt is RUBBISH. My interpretation of this challenge is a rubbish concrete poem. Yours doesn’t need to be rubbish though! What will your take on the keyword RUBBISH be? Blog about it in a poetry post and share your link below!

59 thoughts on “Poetry 101 Rehab: Rubbish

    1. Haha, I don’t love the French very much, so this point in your poem worked for me 😉 I love your take on the topic, you went for the deep and the thoughtful and you did it well. My own rubbish poem is just word play, no point in searching for meanings because none was intended 😀

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your writing (especially the sardonicism–with no small amount of shame, I admit to being unaware that was a real word and having to look it up). Sorry this isn’t a link to a poem–it would’ve been rubbish anyway–but your About page had so many comments my wheezy laptop just about imploded trying to scroll to the bottom of it all.


    1. Oh, thank you so much for your kind words, you’re too good! I’m not sure that sardonicism is a legitimate word, but it appears to be then when you found it 🙂 No need to contribute a poem, especially on such a rubbish prompt, I’m happy to hear from you just like that.


    1. It’s just a play on words 😀 I’m afraid I’m no expert, I just tried to use the preformatted text feature in the post editor for the first time – and it surprisingly worked the way I wanted to!

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    1. Oh dear, thank you so much for your lovely comment! This poem of mine is literally rubbish, but sometimes I like to have some language fun and not to take the poetry thing too seriously 🙂 If I am a poetry guru, you’re the sonnet mistress! I don’t know why your poem makes me think of Shakespeare, the master of the form…


  2. Your poem has me imaging the blur created by the falling of the contents of a bin and the final recognition of its’ contents on their resting place on the ground. Nice work 🙂


      1. …and isn’t that the wonder of poetry. This is what gets me in I think. I first really became aware of the power of this varied perception when a poem I wrote and showed to a friend elicited a completely different meaning for her than what I had intended in my writing of it 🙂


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