8 comments on “32/365”

    1. Yep, that’s my new addition of books to read for my dissertation. They just arrived, so I wrapped them in foil (which is what I do because I’m weird) and snapped them like this before putting them in their place on the bookshelf. From where I’m just about to take one and tackle it…


        1. At least it’s a curriculum I chose for myself, so it’s not too bad. I’m very interested in the topic of space and place and my dissertation should be on the concept of place/space in Scottish literature 🙂


  1. Space and Place sounds interesting. 🙂 I cited a couple of books and journal articles about space and place when I was writing about sociolinguistics and speech communities in a recent essay. The sources I used refer to space and place in the context of human geography, so the terms are probably used differently in literary studies.


    1. Space and Place is by Yi-Fu Tuan, I haven’t read this one yet, but it’s looking good. From this pile of books, I’ve covered both books by Tim Cresswell, the introduction book and the in/out of place, and they were great intros into the subject. I approach space more from the western Marxist perspective than from the perspective of human geography, so I assume I talk more about hegemony, ideology and resistance than you in your work. I do find the concepts of place/space fascinating though! Your research sounds very interesting, even though it’s linguistics, so not my field really, sociolinguistics is what I would love to read about on your blog, perhaps 😉


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