Ella is stretching sleepily. It’s tough being a cat.


33 comments on “Stretch”

    1. Llbs indeed… “Many people still love them”, *snort*… I might or might not love cats more than I love most people :-O But please don’t make me choose between you and a cat, it would be Sophie’s choice!

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          1. Of course I intend to be reincarnated in a cat too, so we can be cat pals and we can groom each other. Well, that probably came out very wrong :-O


    1. Yep, my cat occupies the window sill at most times, she loves to look out of the window and sleep on the doormat that I put in front of the terrace door – with the intention of leaving my shoes on it, however, the cat decided otherwise and started to sleep on the mat…

      It’s ok to have a busy period in your life, hope everything is going well!

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