The cat doesn’t hate her new place.


27 comments on “Place”

    1. She has a stylish mommy 😉 I’ll pet the cat for you. She has settled in remarkably well, and seriously, she’s the most well-behaved kitty ever… I’m a lucky cat lady.


  1. Oh that’s great.Your cat is pretty versatile.She adapted pretty well to her new in-door environment. 🙂

    Do you bring her out sometimes or do you think she might get lost?

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking interest in my beloved cat 😉 I don’t take her outside, she would probably get lost or run over by a car; I’m trying to play with her to provide stimulation and physical activity… But she’s amazingly well adapted and I’m starting to think that she prefers the indoors lifestyle now – constant temperature, lots of cuddling, floor heating… We’re both adapting.


    1. I’m a freak into aesthetics and decoration, so my poor cat has to bear the fact that most of her items are colour coordinated at least… By the way, I adore you new avatar, how cute!


      1. I love it too … actually paid a few bucks for it. It’s simple enough to work as an icon too … the one you see on top of the browser tab when you go to the page.


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