Month: February 2015

Window Sill

My cat found her haven on the window sill. Advertisements

Writing 201: Future

The future starts in the past The past ends in the future Your first rites turn into your last The moment you cease to nurture   Cherish yourself as the […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

My reward for anything is that I have a cosy home and a domestic cat in it to return to, unlike this skinny stray thing of a cat spotted in a […]

Men and Cats, Cats and Men

This is the crazy cat lady’s heaven.

Writing 201: Landscape

This is a poem found entirely in Robert Crawford’s monograph On Glasgow and Edinburgh (2013).   On Glasgow and Edinburgh by Robert Crawford My rating: 4 of 5 stars Carefully researched and attractively […]

Writing 201: Drawer

Behold Oh, drawer, what treasures you hold Buried in sand, dirt or clay To be scooped out every day I can smell the scent Of a present Left by my […]

Writing 201: Fingers

Thick, short, cold fingers digging in the thin, soft, warm skin. Digging, ripping, tearing like claws, knives, forks. The flesh splitting, yielding, giving in – unfeeling, uncaring, dead meat. This […]

Writing 201: Hero(ine)

A hero began As everyman   Everyman grew up Everyman broke up Everyman sobered up   Becoming bitter and brave Daring to kill the ill The ill that never will […]

Emancipation Declaration

Thoughts you think when tied to the sink Ambition, aspiration, art Life, love, liberty Put an end to it Already   You slit Your wrists

Moving Day; or, Mayday, Mayday

When my ex-husband-to-be offered that he would help me move house so that I save money on a moving company, I first thought it was a commendable act of kindness, […]

Writing 201: Poetry Potluck

I am ill. I have taken a pill to kill The thin Papery feeling. –Sylvia Plath, “Cut” If I am asked to share one poem, which happens to be the […]


My cat is laughing at my joke. Alternately, she’s just yawning.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

I have a perverse liking for rules. The rule of thirds is my favourite. In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds.

Writing 201: Fog

Lying low in the fields Is morning mist   The thick and sticky mist Smothers and conceals   Rotten apples, dead hares Lives lost to the mist

Pripyat Ghost Town

Below is a selection of before and after photos from the abandoned town of Pripyat, Ukraine, heavily affected by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster.

Writing 201: Animal

Schrödinger’s cat: Is she live or dead? Is she a he? Think out of the box.

Writing 201: Trust

A belated confession Distrust emerged Fully   Already bugging Constantly Dead end Full   Stop