Tree Climber


Ella enjoys climbing but doesn’t enjoy winter very much.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

35 thoughts

      1. She’s so sweet. I had a cat named Smokey. I had him from about my 9th birthday. He was over 16 when he passed away, but what a life he had! There are some stories!! I loved him and he loved me, he didn’t like anyone else. Because of Smokey, I have a soft spot for cats as well.
        ….But I do love puppies!! Mine is standing at the front door right now, growling ferociously at a neighbourhood cat, who’s just sitting there, flicking her tail….. Naughty!


        1. Oh that’s perfect! A dog lady who is also an undercover cat lady! Have you got pictures of Smokey? It would be lovely to make a post about him maybe, if occasion arises… I’m curious! I do understand your bond with him, my cat likes very much no one else but me either… And though I am a cat lady, I could find a soft spot for some cute puppies too!

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          1. Marvelous idea. I will find some pics, they will be very old, only printed, and I may be in them in some questionable outfits from the 80s!


          2. There’s one more that I’m trying to find, my whole family is scouring through photo albums at their house and I’ve got a couple here too…


  1. Spectacular image. What mesmerizing eyes! Ella is such a beauty.

    I once lived with a snow-cat. I think I’ve mentioned him briefly before- Buddha. He had giant paws and loved to make snowballs. He would ludically toss them up into the air and they would land on the head of a grouchy Katey Blue, the one quite ready to go back inside (unless it was time to go sledding or going down a snow-slicked slide, then she was excited, but that’s a different story…)


    snowy toad


    1. Thank you! But seriously? A snowball cat? Is that even possible?! I’m in awe… I must tell Ella that she’s a loser when she doesn’t make snowballs. I might at least try to teach her make snow angels…


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