Photo 101 Rehab: Oppressive

Photo 101 Rehab: Oppressive

Unlike normal people, I find the seasonal atmosphere oppressive. It feels heavy, overwhelming, blurry. These are the emotions I’m trying to convey with my contribution to Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab group.

The photo was taken at a Christmas fair with Nikon D80 and processed in Corel PaintShop Pro X6. Here are the major edits:

  • increasing contrast
  • enhancing sharpness and clarity
  • applying local tone mapping
  • using a dark blurry vignette effect
  • using a heavy black and white filter

35 thoughts on “Photo 101 Rehab: Oppressive

        1. Yes, and advisable. That’s what I’m going to do tomorrow when I’ll be going past the fair again. They do sell good booze there. Maybe I’ll soon need more therapy groups than Photo Rehab.

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  1. I’m afraid that you failed to show an oppressive atmosphere, as this photo is so lively and warm; and failed in your insistence that you aren’t a converging great photographer. Loved the photo. The edition made it even more beautiful; and of course, thanks for the inspiration…


      1. Nothing that can’t be solved graciously. As you have been a diligent inmate of the rehab clinic, but are not yet ready, I’ll prescribe a 5-days dose of a B&W challenge. Watch out later for a post. Lovely a Desley prescribed it to me today; I’m spreading the medicine…and you may send it to the Chinese.


        1. Holy cabbage! Another challenge?! I’m afraid I can’t take any more at the moment 😦 But I will keep your prescription in case a wonder happens and days/nights will start lasting longer ;-o


  2. I like rhe black and white best. I like more the fact you were out at the market hopefully enjoying yourself even for a moment? Did you buy anything? Yes I know I am meant to be photo talking but I got distracted x


  3. It looks nice there. Love the cobble stone.

    In the stores here, it gets very oppressive … the Christmas spirit … on the radio too. I’m not a big fan. They start too early, also, so it gets very long and drawn-out.


        1. By the way, have you already decided on your Just Thursday theme? Did I miss something? I’m afraid I’ll be off on Thursday so will only be able to join you later 😦


          1. Sounds good, actually. Sometimes great ideas come to one in sleep… And sometimes they turn out to be awful in the morning. Can’t wait what you’ll come up with!


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