Black and White

Colours hurt me I’d rather see Black and white Wrong and right Just how easy That’d be

On My Adopted Grandmother, Who Is a Hamster

My marriage replenished the staggering low number of my family members. Besides winning the smart and brave younger sister(-in-law) that I always wanted, I also got a silly younger brother(-in-law) and two complete sets of grandparents(-in-law) to replace those that I had lost to old age and death. I didn’t anticipate that I’d end up … Continue reading On My Adopted Grandmother, Who Is a Hamster

Contemplating Murder

It is said that when cats don't sleep, they contemplate the murder of their human. I believe I caught Ella in the act.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

An image of warmth for chilly winter days in response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Warmth.

Depressive Love Songs

Happy love songs suck. Hence, here goes a selection of my favourite depressive love songs. They are actually so depressive that if I were unhappily in love, they would make me kill myself to terminate my suffering. Snow Patrol: "Chasing Cars" Chris Klein: "It Happens in Florida" Ben Cocks: "So Cold" Kill me now.