Month: December 2014



Black and White

Colours hurt me I’d rather see Black and white Wrong and right Just how easy That’d be

On My Adopted Grandmother, Who Is a Hamster

My marriage replenished the staggering low number of my family members. Besides winning the smart and brave younger sister(-in-law) that I always wanted, I also got a silly younger brother(-in-law) […]

Contemplating Murder

It is said that when cats don’t sleep, they contemplate the murder of their human. I believe I caught Ella in the act.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

An image of warmth for chilly winter days in response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Warmth.

Depressive Love Songs

Happy love songs suck. Hence, here goes a selection of my favourite depressive love songs. They are actually so depressive that if I were unhappily in love, they would make me kill […]


Me—howling With pain or pleasure Disturbing People—sleeping

All the Women in My Family, and Me

The women in my family had it tough. As did and do most other women elsewhere. My female relatives led meagre lives during which they helped few and pleased none, […]

Ambush Attack

My cats wouldn’t play nice. Why play nice when they can play naughty?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

A reminder of summer in response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Yellow.


I don’t even like comics, but I love these.  

Just Thursday Blog Hop: Why Do You Blog?

The third installment of Just Thursday blog hop is here! Today’s host is Rebekah, and Nuvofelt and I are co-hosting. If you’d like to join, you’re welcome to check out Rebekah’s post […]

Photo 101 Rehab: Light at the End of a Tunnel

It would appear that there is indeed light at the end of a tunnel. I was inspired to this shot by a much better version of the same theme by […]

Photo 101 Rehab: Oppressive

Unlike normal people, I find the seasonal atmosphere oppressive. It feels heavy, overwhelming, blurry. These are the emotions I’m trying to convey with my contribution to Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab […]


I went where you went You thrive where I— Am falling apart Part by part

A Shooting Session: On Beavers, Young Killers and Old Creeps

I was looking to shoot pictures of autumn landscape for the entire autumn. It was never going to happen. The autumn weather started, but the darn leaves clung to their […]