A Quirky Academic Meets a Normal Academic: And Hilarity Ensues

Academia is one of the few places that accommodate quirky people. Which is why I’m there. Annoyingly, academia also includes perfectly normal people. Which is where the clash between the normal and the quirky happens. Guess on which side I am. (If you hazarded “normal”, I forgive you because you must be new here.) As … Continue reading A Quirky Academic Meets a Normal Academic: And Hilarity Ensues

Scenery with a Cat

My cat looks somewhat melancholic today.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

The clue for this week's WordPress Photo Challenge is converge. I say converge what? Is that a swearword? While not being able to properly imagine converge, I imagine it could be something like electrical wires converging at the mast.

Photo 101: Triumph

The last prompt of Photo 101 challenge is the word triumph. I don't believe in triumph. The existentialist in me wonders how one can triumph when we all die at the end? I'm presenting an ambiguous triumph then: Edinburgh's Holyrood Abbey, a triumph of the medieval builders as much as a triumph of the storm that took its … Continue reading Photo 101: Triumph

Photo 101: My Recent Photoblog Discoveries

WordPress Photo 101 challenge is done with, but not so much the beautiful photoblogs I came across when participating. While I risk that I'll get my camera thrown at my head for not mentioning everyone, I'll hazard to commend to your attention a few of my new favourite photobloggers. Andy Townend's Belgianstreets and Belgradestreets have city life photos that … Continue reading Photo 101: My Recent Photoblog Discoveries

Photo 101: Double

Today's keyword in the Photo 101 challenge, double, made me chuckle like Chucky Doll. It was a private joke of a person whose diploma thesis dealt with the literary motif of the double and who leads double existence as a sane person by day and an insane blogger by night. For the sake of your sanity, … Continue reading Photo 101: Double