Lie In



Ella is about to doze off. See the distant look?


20 comments on “Lie In”

    1. Haha, that’s funny — and slightly scary! My cats are slower to fall asleep, they don’t bang their heads. Perhaps this is related to the fact that they often sleep on concrete (by choice, not by necessity), so it would be probably painful just to fall unconscious on the hard surface… Ella says hello to Sabi! A cute name, I consider stealing it for my next cat…

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      1. Years ago I knew a Wasabi, who was a tabby (but called Sabi for short) so when iIgot a tabby look-a-like, I called him Sabinillo (from a town near us) so another Sabi the Tabby 🙂 Sabi says hi and purrs to Ella x


        1. Good, I love names that have reasons and explanations behind them! Seriously. All my pets ever were always called for something — even if it was a couple of hamsters, whom I called Rose and Jack because Titanic was in vogue back then…

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        1. I don’t like birds 😦 Well, I wanted to get some photos to use for Caturdays on my blog before it’s too cold to wait for the perfect shot of the cat outdoors… I promise I’ll give both the cats some rest now because I got what I wanted 🙂

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        1. Too true! On the other hand, my cat can’t even kill a mouse, so I doubt she would actually kill her food provider. It’s different with my other cat though, she’s grown quite fat for winter (they are outdoors, so they need to put on some weight for the cold months) and she can apparently sustain herself on what she catches and eats. So, if I’m found dead one day, it was my black cat.


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