Month: October 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

That’s the descent of fog over a field, in case you wonder. In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent. Advertisements

Scottish Humour

There are so many reasons to love the Scots. Scottish humour is one of them.


Cut off and kill Her expanding mind It must be Circumcised

Mara; or, Child in the Woods

It’s a minor miracle that I survived my childhood. I was born female, grew up to be feminine, but acted like a tomboy in the first grade. We lived at […]


For my anniversary fiftieth Caturday, here goes Ella sticking out her tongue.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

If I were asked by some misguided soul to produce cover art for a work of art, I’d go with the above photo of Olomouc for the song below set in […]

Test Yourself

I love tests, the sillier the better! Here are some silly and some smart ones for you to try out too. Your Victorian Penname This test is designed for writerly ladies, who […]


Dis connected from me Un connected from my self   Follow-Up My modest poem has inspired verse responses by creative fellow bloggers, which turned out to be much better than […]

Crazy Cat Lady’s Cats

I used to have no particular feelings about cats. I neither liked nor disliked them, I didn’t think of them. Then we moved from the city to the country (much […]


This cat looks permanently grumpy. I wonder what I did to her this time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

This might be more of a reflection than refraction, but I always sucked at physics. Can it be argued that not only light but also water in this picture is refracted? […]

Love Cards

I’m a very romantic person, you see.

Not the Raven

Less of a raven More of a crow Scavenging At the mental home’s lawn

About Czechs: By One of Them

I am Czech and not particularly proud of it. We are a nasty nation. National stereotypes might be sweeping generalisations, but they are clearly coming from somewhere. Here is from […]

Sleepy Paws

It’s a minor miracle when this cat wakes up.