Somewhere in nowhere A miracle went Unwitnessed

My Estranged Brother Who Isn’t Jerry

I have no sisters and an only brother, eleven years my senior. Reportedly, he was the happiest young boy ever when our mother brought him a baby sister from the hospital. (That says a lot, as I assume an average person would much rather have a puppy or a kitty than a sibling. I’ll have … Continue reading My Estranged Brother Who Isn’t Jerry


My cat is apparently about to rise and walk in her sleep.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

The silhouette of a village at nighttime. In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Films Based on Scottish Books

As a staunch Scotophile, I can't resist the urge to recommend three of my favourite films based on novels by Scottish writers. They are all dark and intense -- in other words, very Scottish. Trainspotting, of course, is a cult classic, and if you loved it, you'll probably like the other two films too. Check out the … Continue reading Films Based on Scottish Books

Spinaloga Island, Greece