Month: September 2014


Somewhere in nowhere A miracle went Unwitnessed Advertisements

My Estranged Brother Who Isn’t Jerry

I have no sisters and an only brother, eleven years my senior. Reportedly, he was the happiest young boy ever when our mother brought him a baby sister from the […]


My cat is apparently about to rise and walk in her sleep.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

The silhouette of a village at nighttime. In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Films Based on Scottish Books

As a staunch Scotophile, I can’t resist the urge to recommend three of my favourite films based on novels by Scottish writers. They are all dark and intense — in […]


Engraved in memory With the sharpness of steel But steel breaks Easily

The Weird Village Where I Live: Local Colour

I have already been reminiscing about my awkward first day in the village where I’m currently exiled from civilisation in a post here. This is a follow-up on the topic […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

  Ancient cathedrals signify to me the endurance of those who built them, centuries ago, with crude tools. Believers will find endurance here in the religious sense too. In response to […]

Grammar Nazi Jokes

Why, yes, I am a grammar Nazi.


Breathe in Tranquil Breathe out Your last— Breath

Adventures with Allergists: A Nose Surgery?

I’ve recently blogged about my trouble with allergy specialists, complaining that my first one died before he managed to help me and that my second one is as boomingly jovial […]


Leave me alone, I’m really sleeeepy now…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

This oldish photo from my 2012 Edinburgh trip is to remind us that as humanity, we are ultimately mortal. In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Gecko Romeo and Juliet

I’ve watched this inventive advertisement repeatedly, but I always cried too much to notice what it actually advertises. *spoiler* I hope it’s not dead geckos. *end of spoiler*

Dear Dean, Thank You, I Love You

I shared the other day that the future of my academic life or death depended on whether or not the Dean would grant me an extension to complete my doctorate. And […]