Green Mimicry



This is Ella hiding from the heat.


13 comments on “Green Mimicry”

    1. Yes, I can imagine, and then you have to find half of your cats in the bushes, right πŸ˜‰ It’s funny how the cats spend the cool months looking for sunny spots and the hots months looking for the shade…


          1. That’s a pretty gang! I find only two cats hard enough to manage without them being constantly jealous of each other. It’s a shame, I thought they’d be nice friends and play mates, but they don’t get along…


          2. I think It depends on how much time your able to spend with them. For example both my wife and I work from home. so we constantly have a cat either on our lap or around our chair. OR SOMETIMES, right on top of the computer. “Will you kindly move!” “no” As I was saying, there will always be squabbling, but I think that’s like any family. πŸ™‚


          3. Yes, it surely does depend on the time you devote to any pet. I have found it out for myself. When I compare my cats to my in-laws’ cats, mine are well socialised and friendly, but theirs are semi-feral and clearly lacking attention. I admire your devotion to cats πŸ™‚


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