My Holiday in Crete

PreparationsTwo weeks before hubby and I left for our holiday, our granny stumbled on a hose, fell and broke her arm. A week before our departure, our granddad slipped on the stairs, fell and hurt his leg. He played hero for two days and when he finally let us take him to hospital, we learned … Continue reading My Holiday in Crete


Ella looks like she liked her dinner.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

The Greek island of Spinaloga from one side and the other side. In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue.

Slivovitz: Drink Me!

I've found that people outside of Eastern Europe are shamefully ignorant of the joys of slivovitz. To spread enlightenment, let me advise you that it's a strong plum brandy, traditionally home-produced, and it's the staple spirits in my area. This means that at family gatherings, everyone from youths to grandparents would drink it. So do I, … Continue reading Slivovitz: Drink Me!

The Sea of Crete


No sense in that— none.   No thing is yet done.