Month: August 2014

My Holiday in Crete

Preparations Two weeks before hubby and I left for our holiday, our granny stumbled on a hose, fell and broke her arm. A week before our departure, our granddad slipped […]


Ella looks like she liked her dinner.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

The Greek island of Spinaloga from one side and the other side. In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue.

Slivovitz: Drink Me!

I’ve found that people outside of Eastern Europe are shamefully ignorant of the joys of slivovitz. To spread enlightenment, let me advise you that it’s a strong plum brandy, traditionally home-produced, […]


No sense in that— none.   No thing is yet done.

The Inscrutable Workflows of Academic Publishing

Two months ago, I stumbled upon professor Womack, my professor protector, at a conference. This was already a minor miracle, as urban myths surrounding professor Womack speak about his virtual […]

Green Mimicry

This is Ella hiding from the heat.

Cat Companion

This is how great companions cats are. Visit this link for more photos of this Japanese elderly lady and her adopted stray cat.


Time passing from twenty to forty to passing— passing away.

Of Childhood Traumas and Holiday Resort déjà vus

There are literally two places in this country where people of modest means go for holiday. One is a summer campsite and the other a winter skiing resort, frequented for […]

Momma Cat

This is my in-laws’ ancient cat Sarah. She’s had many kittens, one of which I adopted.

Just Love

The same couple fifty years apart. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the credits of this lovely image. But I do hope that we might be able to take a similar picture […]

On Holiday from 13/08 to 23/08

This is a heads up that I’ll be on holiday and largely off internet from 13th to 23th August. My blog posts will be scheduled, but I probably won’t be able […]

Water and Blood

Dripping sticky Rain, dew, mist —or blood Blood is thicker than water

How I Proposed to Myself; or, The Death of the Romance

I was always too down-to-earth to indulge in glossy women’s magazines. I only ever read these in hairdressing studios, where I’m already indulging myself to such extent that one consumerist […]