#354 Flood



What a depressing piece of graffiti.


12 comments on “#354 Flood”

  1. I was attracted by the pretty colours but I don’t find it depressing,… I guess to me its drowning in love which isn’t a bad thing.. I might have interpreted it wrongly… hmmm but I do love the colours 🙂 Interesting though Mara….. makes you really look and think about it.


    1. Drowning in love? Wonderful! I’m clearly too sceptical too even think of a positive interpretation of apparently negative images. I very much like what you came up with! Again, I’m happy that you contributed with your unique vision and point of view. You help me see things in new ways 🙂


    1. Ha! That’s actually an excellent idea. You see the heart as floating, I see it as drowning, poor thing… It’s exciting to see how each different viewer interprets this picture very differently! Thanks for tuning in with your point of view 🙂


    1. Aah, a fellow pessimist here 🙂 I was surprised that other viewers see this picture favourably, and now I’m surprised that you share my none-too-favourable view 😉 In any case, it seemed to me as an interesting image, which is why I took a picture of it, not thinking in the first place if I like it or not.


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