#338 Grass and Daises



Another instalment in a series informed by my fascination with shadows.


11 comments on “#338 Grass and Daises”

    1. Yes, it’s directing towards the neighbours’ garden, which is rather exciting because they have a pool, a wild rose bush as high as a house and a British shorthair cat.


        1. Haha, in fact, only the master of the neighbouring house himself seems to be using the pool. Just this morning I saw him in there, wearing a pair of speedos. I hate seeing middle-aged men with beer bellies in speedos…


          1. Even then is pushing it. We went to Egypt with my best friend, her brother and his best friend. His best friend was tall and skinny, no body hair, he wore speedos and all his pubes were hanging out, never forget it I am mentally scared with the image


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