#336 Connection



No matter how fierce a hater of Czech Railways I am, there is some charm to these ancient (probably Soviet) carriages.


17 comments on “#336 Connection”

  1. There is beauty in technology isn’t there? The lines and colors that come with the use and aging of metal. I looked at the picture though and all I could think of was how is that?


    1. I actually more often admire the works of men rather than the works of nature. It fascinates me what man is capable of. This particular piece of technology caught my fancy because it looked so otherworldly — certainly not from the 21st century. Also, I love everything that is red! 😀 Glad that the picture caught your fancy too!

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    1. You are the one person that keeps on convincing me (quite successfully) that I should cherish the place where I live. I admit that this particular train was a rather picturesque one, but what goes with the picturesqueness is lack of comfort and such — I’ve complained many times about that, I’m sure… On a happier note, though, I have this photo 😉


      1. By the way,did you know episodes of The Borgias are filmed in your country?
        I was watching two episodes ( 6 and 7 ,when I’ve never watched any of the earlier episodes),and noticed how beautiful Marta Gastinis is.(Too bad she’s 24.Or too bad I’m only 20! At least I could have harboured the hope of turning super rich and date her.)
        When I took a look at her Twitter account,I saw that she took pics with her fellow co-stars at Prague,near a cathedral!


        1. Oh, thanks for this piece of trivia! I didn’t know that and I didn’t even watch the series, but my husband enjoyed it a lot. I must tell him 🙂 And now I suspect that he was watching it because Marta Gastinis too! OK, I admit, she’s very cute though 😉


          1. Haha,I still can’t get over her! :/
            I always thought that when I would reach 20,age would no longer be an issue.I was wrong.20 is still pretty young…
            Well I hope when I’ll be 24,there’ll be girls as cute as her!


          2. Oh my 😀 I wouldn’t be worried if I were you, it seems that girls are getting cuter and cuter — or it’s just me getting older and uglier.


          3. Oh,how I wish you’re right! 😮
            And no,you’re still a young adult! And besides old age is in the mind,just as ugliness is!


          4. Yes, you are probably right that it is gallantry because often older men give up their seats for me — often when I would normally consider giving up my seats for them given their age 🙂 — and it’s sad that very often teenage boys are sitting around but won’t have me or anyone else have their seats. I’d often be grateful for it…


    1. Oh dear! That’s probably because you’re not used to them — I have no fear of trains but I make a point of never crossing the tracks even if I can see no train coming. And as long as you don’t try to climb the train, I can’t see how it could hurt you! Travelling by Czech Railways mostly hurts just your dignity.


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