#329 Velvety



This is so soft and velvety to touch…


27 comments on “#329 Velvety”

        1. OK, I had no idea that there’s a thing called tamarind, but I googled it, and you’re right, it’s not that. Well, why not keep an air of mystery about the subject of this photo after all 😉 ?

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          1. You haven’t heard of a fruit called Tamarind?
            It used to be pretty abundant in my country,but as trees are being felled for to provide more space for construction,it has become quite rare these days!!

            You definitely should taste it one day.Not the fruit purely,as it is extremely sour,but the mixture of tamarind and sugar.(Everybody I know is fond of Tamarind sweets!) – it is also used in various other ways! 🙂


          2. I never heard of tamarind and I didn’t even find a Czech equivalent in the dictionary! I guess there’s no equivalent. The fruit would be obviously very exotic here, but I’ll be looking for it (now that I know how it looks too)! Thanks for teaching me something new 🙂


        1. It’s more funny than weird, the idea is still making me giggle… Especially after I came across your photo of you harassing a plant. I have a habit of sniffing things. Especially in shops if they look like leather, I have to sniff to make sure.


          1. Sniffing things sounds even more fun than harassing things, I’ll need to give it a try 😀 I’m probably very tactile (or pervert) because I love poking into things.


    1. That could only be the sole of a dwarf’s shoe. But I love your imagination! Though it would be a waste of good material for a sole, it’s soft enough to use as bed linen!


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