#328 House Number



You know you’re running out of subjects to photograph when you start shooting random house number plates.


23 comments on “#328 House Number”

      1. oh you do! Ps am I mad but does yesterdays writing assignment feel like another lost and found story? Aren’t we getting a lot of you lost this, you found this? Oh I sound like I am always complainning about it, but seriously running out of inspiration and ideas for this, need a really interesting topic, I find them elsewhere it seems hehe x


        1. Yes, yesterday’s assignment is another lost and found story! I got stuck at the previous assignment, and I have no ideas for the lost and found assignment either. So it’s not just you, the assignments don’t work for me too well either 😦 The only good thing is that they make me write.


          1. You mean the task to write about one’s anxieties? I’ll need to check out your blog, I haven’t had the time to do so too much recently 😦 Shame on me.


          2. Your mouth — the street art that you posted the other day — surely looks nothing like my vagina. Also, we probably shouldn’t have this conversation, but you started the comparisons! :-p


    1. That’s an excellent idea!! Can I steal it from you please? It’s much more brilliant that my solution: I eventually wrote about losing fear to kill spiders and finding courage to kill them. How boring.


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