Versions of Me: A Weird Pisces under Cancer

This article combines a Writing 101 prompt, to produce a character study, and a Weekly Writing Challenge, to describe a clash of one you with another you. The narrators of below are random people who know me, and the voice in the parentheses is me talking back to them (like I do).

A Colleague on My Professional Me

She’s a weird fish, this one (I’m not Pisces but Cancer actually). She’s always so annoyingly prim and proper, all her clothes matching, each hair in its place (that’s the idea). She could be used as a model academic for posters (awe…), if she were a bit prettier (grr…).

She’s too serious (that would be the depression), looks neurotic (anxiety, to be precise) and never smiles, unless with her mouth shut (that’s because my teeth are uneven). She might be a success, unless she’s a failure and covers it well (I’m undecided myself).

A Neighbour on My Casual Me

She’s a weird fish, this one (I’m still under Cancer). She never goes outdoors unless to pet her cats, like a crazy cat lady (that’s a hit). She’s always wearing awful baggy trousers and a formless hoodie in all weathers (that’s my cat-petting gear put over my normal clothes).

There’s clearly something wrong with her (well, yes, probably). She can be seen crawling on the ground (I socialise with my cats) or lying flat in the grass (I take macro photos). From her creased cap to her disintegrating boots, she looks filthy (as could be expected from tactical gear).

I'm not black and white really.
I’m not black and white really.

Me on the Clash of Mes

The other day I set out from the village to the city dressed up a like a youthful fashionista. The outfit comprised short shorts (chastised by colour tights), a flimsy top (covered by a leather jacket), heels and accessories. I thought I’d meet no one from work, because I didn’t go anywhere near the place.

Right after getting out of the train, a handsome colleague of mine called hello at me. (He clearly didn’t expect he’d meet anyone either, because he hadn’t shaved in days.) Later, I met the head of the department (she was amused). Before I left, I met my favourite professor (he was bemused).

I stumbled on a student of mine on the train back, but I think he didn’t see me. (If he did, he won’t take me seriously anymore.) Back in the house, the neighbours were visiting. It was the first time the neighbour saw me this close in other than my cat lady gear. She was befuddled.

Right now I’m my transitional me. I’m wearing my good yoga trousers (the less good ones are in the laundry) and an acceptable shirt. I’m accessorised by a coffee mug, a soda stream bottle and a laptop (all colour-coordinated with my shirt). I look like all I have are #FirstWorldProblems.

16 thoughts on “Versions of Me: A Weird Pisces under Cancer

  1. Oddly, I can hear you speaking as I read. Excellent. 🙂 A lot of humor in your voice. And we need a picture of the outfit. Okay you don’t have to be wearing the outfit just let is see this crazy colorful thing you wore and have lost people’s respect over. 😛


    1. Ooh, does it turned out so vivid that you can hear me speak? That’s a huge compliment. I feel awkward about this article. But as it’s part of a blogging challenge, I take it as practice.

      Heh, so you’re curious about the funny outfit I was wearing? I’ll try to take a snap the next time I put it on, which is probably going to happen because my husband was very enthusiastic about it… But then again, he has poor taste. 😉


          1. I should like to think so, but really, I don’t think that’s the case. Hubby and me just sort of ended up together because no one else would apparently have us.


  2. This made me smile. The moment when the ‘twain’ meet. It’s like a shrug and an ‘I’m me, no matter which ‘me’ I am.’


  3. Interesting character studies – I guess we all know Mara Eastern a little better and have a picture of more than just a random hand or foot; ) I’ve been rolling around on the ground with my puppy and do the same inside with my cats. I wonder how dogs and cats get along and develop in families where the adults take themselves too serious to roll around on the ground with their pets (or kids for that matter). Fun read.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading, Trent! It’s good to see a fellow classmate, I remember you as far as from Zero to Hero 😉 Your comment about the occasional random hand or foot made me laugh, it’s very true… Here’s to rolling around with your pets!


  4. Haha,as always that was very funny!! 😀 (and very Dallowayesque)
    By the way,did anyone tell you that your haircut is very reminiscent of Joan of Arc?


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