#314 A Depressed Family



This will be the most depressive statue I’ve ever seen.


6 comments on “#314 A Depressed Family”

    1. I wonder about that myself — all sculpture from the period of real socialism however looks like this: serious faces, either determined or depressed. I have no explanation for it…


  1. They Too Shall Pass

    I cannot look
    As they burn our land
    No affording to pay
    They take it all
    Now we have nothing
    He stares on with strong eyes
    But I cannot bare it
    I know the hardship to come
    I know his humiliation
    He braves onward for our little one
    I will brave onward later
    For now I cannot look
    For now I simply comfort with a touch
    But someday…someday…I will comfort
    With justice
    Someday they will burn

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    1. Oh my, this is as depressive as the statue… It reminds me very much of one Czech poem, “The Night of Job” by Frantisek Hrubin, which however doesn’t seem to have been translated into English, so I can’t share. You did an excellent job in matching the poem to the picture. You always do.


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