Frogs Have Orgasm and Other Observations

I enjoy random moments of delight in all activities involving spending time with my husband. (Wait, this sounds sentimental and hence unlike me.) Correction: I enjoy doing what I like, and when hubby joins too, I don’t hate it. (Better.)

To celebrate our wedding anniversary (which hubby forgot, and on which I deliberately congratulated him a day later), we went for a shooting trip. Bearing no grudges (more precisely, hubby doesn’t, but I do to introduce a balance), the shooting was done with cameras rather than shotguns.

We drove to a nearby flooded quarry (not nearby enough to walk; also, all distances above one mile are no walking distances for me). The quarry provided plentiful photography opportunities, as well as lots of opportunities to stumble, slip and otherwise come to harm (I think I’d rather drown but save the DSLR than the other way round).

Besides not so break-through observations (such as that wet surfaces are slippery), I discovered that frogs have orgasm. As far as one can judge from the enthusiastic shrill sounds they were constantly making. I duly recorded a proof of this discovery, which you can watch in a loop below. (Not workplace safe: hover over the video and click the amplifier icon in the upper left corner to hear sound.)

Because we have a sense of humour, hubby and me took candids of each other in undignified poses. Such as, me on all the four trying to take a macro shot of a flower. Or, hubby lying flat on his back, with his belly and his camera pointing upwards, trying to take a shot of something in the sky. We consigned all these to the recycle bin, so I present only the nice pictures in the gallery above.


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Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

39 thoughts on “Frogs Have Orgasm and Other Observations”

  1. Happy anniversary! 🙂
    I hope you’ll have many many more to come!

    And that’s a marvellous place you went to! Did you have fun exploring the functions of your DSLR? (I know I keep bringing that up! I should probably stop,but a person like you should have one,the Nikon D80 or another entry level camera!)

    Hmm,and it’s funny that you’re not afraid of smashing a frog or having one over you,when you’re scared of insects! 😮


    1. Thanks for the well wishes! You’re kind 😀

      Shame on me, it was my second outing with the DSLR and I still only shot on auto… I think the photos turned out overexposed because it was noon and the sun was very intense. I edited them quite a lot in a photoshop though, as usual.

      I put it on my to-do-soon list to explore which camera would be suit my needs (reading reviews etc.), and if I decide for getting a DSLR, I’ll surely start exploring the manual and the manual settings.

      Haha, that’s good, but I’m not scared by frogs. I don’t love them, but that’s it. I was quite amazed by the sheer amount of them at the place and their loudness. (The video captures very little of the effect.) Maybe you’d be scared of frogs, when you don’t like lizards…? 😉


    1. Thanks for the well wishes! Well, I didn’t begrudge the frogs their fun, but I’d prefer it that they shut up after an hour or so listening to the noise 😉 The trip was great fun though!


  2. Clearly that short vine is absolute proof that frogs orgasm…. how could anyone doubt it with that kind of proof. 😉 Happy anniversary! So do all the goofy shots go into your private anniversary album? it’s good to know that the two of you remain in such good balance in your relationship… You are such a fun writer Mara. Thank’s for having a random moment of delight just so you can link to my challenge! 😀 (oh and what’s up with the dates on your blog? You have me all confused… it is September already?)


    1. Thanks for stopping by, you’re such a great hostess of the RMoD 😀 And thanks for the well wishes, too; but no, the goofy photos were deleted (I really don’t want to look at myself in unflattering poses, who would?).

      You made me laugh and think with your question about the dates: the American style of recording dates seems as unnatural to me as the European style of recording dates seems to you! Here, we first state the day, then the month, then the year. (You have month-day-year, if I’m not mistaken.) I’ll look into the settings and see if I can use the names of months so as to stop confusing you! A great point 🙂


      1. Duh! Oh no, please don’t change it! You have readers from everywhere, I can figure it out! My husband writes the date that way too, although I’m not sure why… military does?


        1. Hahaha 😀 Yes, military people write it like this, and I think with zeros too. So today it’s 09/06/14. Or 09/06/2014? I will still look into options I have for changing the date format, though, I realise it can be confusing.


    1. Thank you for your wishes! Yep, I hope we’ll have more anniversaries to come — somehow, we got used to each other with my husband and I think we’d both hate to start looking for someone else from the scratch 😮 Hm, I guess that’s a very unromantic thing to say…


          1. Ahaha!! 😀 you’re hilarious Mara. I hope you take time to go through my posts and I hope I can make you laugh as much as you make me 🙂


          2. I’m always overjoyed when I make someone smile (or even laugh, for the matter 😀 ). By the way, I just found you on Twitter and followed, so I’ll keep in touch, yay 😉


      1. Oh, I was laughing so hard firts time (and any other time) I heard it. I don’t have a turtle, but I do an internet 😀 And it was viral for a while… Let me find it…


        1. OMG!! I think I’m now officially dead… The sounds are sooo ridiculous… Also, after your video finished, I spent half an hour watching mating animals on YouTube and I feel like a pervert 😮


          1. Hahahahahahahaha I really laughed at your comment :mrgreen:
            Ugh, tell me about it, I go for example on 9gag or just on YouTube and there I am 2 hours later watching some guy trying to eat the most spicy pepper in the world and crying plus gagging…. The strange laws of internet, very stange I tell you! 🙂


          2. Yes, I know, internet is awful and YouTube is the worst! Now I’m well acquainted with the mating rituals of about all the animals there are, including zebras, for example. That one was particularly awkward. Also the dog who mistook a cat for a she-dog. You get the idea. I hope my computer is not under surveillance. If so, I’m on the pervert list.


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