#310 Yellow and Red


Excuse my laziness, but I can’t be bothered looking up the botanical name of this spring shrub. I call it the Yellow Spring Thing.

Update: my lovely community enlightened me that the shrub is a forsythia (thank you, Maverick!), and I got yet another great poem to go with the picture — by Ronovan.

Sunshine captured in a petal
A candied kiss in glossy polish
What captures the eye above all
The flashing gold of a forever promise


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

16 thoughts

    1. Haha, your comment made me smile 🙂 One could say that quite on the contrary, my hand is growing a Yellow Spring Thing from its flesh, but that sounds a bit morbid… Thank you for stopping by!


        1. Ha! I warned you before, there’s far less to my photos than what you generously think… The ring ought to have played no part in the composition, but of course I don’t take it off when I shoot. Now that I noticed the ring, it bothers me a lot that it doesn’t sit straight — it’s turned a bit sideways and shows the tiny stones that should only be visible from the front view. If that makes any sense. But anything that is astray bothers me…


          1. It’s not always what you intend it to be, but what it turns out to be that is important. This is a picture of you and your husband. Your fingertips kissing his sunshine and both united with the ring showing not on precious metals but the stones as well. Don’t question what you do, just let others enjoy it. And don’t feel like you have to put every poem with your photo. I do them because I like to and they are a happy moment for me.


          2. Well said, so I’ll stop pestering you (for a while) now 🙂 I actually tell a similar thing to my literature students: it doesn’t matter what the author meant or didn’t mean, what matters is what the author created at the end of the day, and that’s what we’re focusing on. So, I guess you’re right.

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    1. You’re right, of course. Forsythia. In my mother tongue the name for this shrub is literally “golden rain”. I didn’t feel like hunting for an English equivalent, so thanks for doing the hard work for me 😉


    1. Well, technically it’s nearly summer here too, but we’ve had some cold and rainy weather recently, not very summery. I suspect it’s all because I have borrowed a camera that I’ll need to return soon now — the weather conspired so that I couldn’t go outdoors and take pictures! On a happier note, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 😉


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