Month: June 2014

News about Mrs Nobright from Nowhere

As Writing 101 draws to its close, the staff is getting sentimental. They want us to describe the melodrama of a landlord evicting an old widow as seen by a […]

Poetic Manifesto

Neither Emily Dickinson, nor Sylvia Plath. No one should want to be emulating their a g o n y.

On Penis Envy and Fear of Murder

Writing 101 staff is getting Freudian. They want us to psychoanalyse ourselves by writing out our greatest fear. As Dr Freud enlightened me, my greatest fear already materialised itself when […]

#334 Teacher’s Scotch Whisky

“Teacher’s Scotch Whisky” (top left): how, oh how did I miss this?!

#333 My Shadow

This is me being creepy.

In the Shade

The cat is not weirdly striped; it’s just shadow play on her fur.

#332 Soft Buds

All I can say is my usual: whatever it is. Ronovan has a much better explanation, though: There she is again Staring at us with that thing We hide our […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

What’s best about this photo is that though it is retouched for colours, sharpness, contrast (ha!) and others, the sunburst and bokeh are indeed the real thing. In response to WordPress […]

#331 Scared

This statue looks very scared to me. Aren’t there any nice statues at all? In contrast to the unlovely statue, here is a lovely poem by my volunteer collaborator Ronovan (don’t forget […]

#330 Limbs

This is a lot of trees growing from a single spot, isn’t it? A huge thanks to Ronovan for his poem to go with the image: Lean on me in […]

Doomed to Be an English-Writing Scribbler

Writing 101 tries to stimulate my story-telling skills by prompting me to imagine that I browse through other people’s personal belongings and uncover an interesting story. That won’t do. I’m […]


Whenever a man’s friends begin to compliment him about looking young, he may be sure that they think he is growing old. –Washington Irving

#329 Velvety

This is so soft and velvety to touch…

My Pre- and Post-Eastern Bloc Childhood

Writing 101 wants us to imagine what would happen if a life-changing event of ours was taken over by an evil force. Coming from a colourful country as I do, I […]

#328 House Number

You know you’re running out of subjects to photograph when you start shooting random house number plates.

An Open Letter to My Back

Writing 101 comes up with the challenge to pick a book, leaf to page twenty-nine and see what jumps out at you there. I did so and was hit with the […]

The Art of Losing: Part Three, Spider Slayer

Writing 101 changed its collective mind and prompts us to write about finding instead of losing. It’s to be the next instalment of a series whose part one is here […]

Doing the Laundry

The machines Washing my brains Tumbling them dry With their rumble-tumble.