Month: June 2014

News about Mrs Nobright from Nowhere

As Writing 101 draws to its close, the staff is getting sentimental. They want us to describe the melodrama of a landlord evicting an old widow as seen by a twelve-year-old boy. Thanks, I’ll pass on this tear jerker. I’ll re-do this sad story into a grotesque story in the vein of Flannery O’Connor (whom

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On Penis Envy and Fear of Murder

Writing 101 staff is getting Freudian. They want us to psychoanalyse ourselves by writing out our greatest fear. As Dr Freud enlightened me, my greatest fear already materialised itself when I was born a girl. In his apparent ignorance concerning women, Freud believed that girls were nothing but castrated boys. Every woman then suffers from

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#332 Soft Buds

All I can say is my usual: whatever it is. Ronovan has a much better explanation, though: There she is again Staring at us with that thing We hide our eyes from her But we peek from behind a bud wing I wonder if she would keep snapping If she knew what came before Yes,

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