#299 Lumpy Paint



Someone is not a good painter here. For the record, I didn’t do this one.


9 comments on “#299 Lumpy Paint”

    1. Poor aliens, if they should have a planet with a surface like this 😉 But I love the idea and I’m tempted to return to this door (it’s a door in the picture) and draw green men all over…


    1. Thanks! That’s what I like about close-up shots: the texture really stands out and you have the chance to observe in detail what you would probably pay no attention otherwise.


  1. This reminds me of the saying “what is hidden between the nooks and crannies” sort of like something you would overlook normally.


    1. Absolutely! I love it, looking at the world through the lens — one notices lots of things that would normally remain hidden. Such as a surface with lumpy paint on it 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!


      1. Welcome, Am always interested in others viewpoint on life. 🙂 Guess its wonderful to see the world from a different angle now and again, Allows one to appreciate the littler things.


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