#296 Hammer



Let’s get down to work!


24 comments on “#296 Hammer”

    1. That’s a very good observation! Thank you, again, for showing me your perspective. Actually, it’s part of a socialist worker’s statue, so no Thor’s hammer, but hammer and sickle 😦


          1. 😉 Thank you! I’ll try to take this as much-needed encouragement, for my husband borrowed for me a DSLR camera for the weekend, so I look what I’ll be able to do with it (hopefully I can at least manage to switch the thing on).


          2. Everything comes to life in your hands and through your eyes. Hmmm….I’m getting all writerly here. But it’s still true. 🙂 I love your work.


          3. You’re so kind! Do get writerly, that’s each blogger’s dream, isn’t it, to feel inspired to write? I’d love to write more just now but my laptop is terribly overheated, owing to the recent demise of my cooling pad, so it’s quite a pain to type and wait for the words to appear…. slowly….


        1. Heh! Me neither 🙂 I spent the night (it’s early morning here) marking students’ essays. It was only thanks to utmost self-control that I didn’t get drunk while doing it to alleviate my suffering…


          1. hmmm I wonder what alcohol would do combined with all the meds they have me on for Chronic Pain Syndrome which is Fibromyalgia? It might actually make me not hurt. 🙂


          2. Oh dear, I’m sorry about that. Which won’t help you, of course. 😦 Fortunately, my meds say “no known interactions with alcohol”. It seems all bloggers are on meds, by the way.


          3. I take generous doses of Mara Eastern Photos each day. Always brings a smile. Actually I am considering doing poems inspired by them. If that would not be something you would be opposed to.


          4. And you are very generous yourself. Thank you. The implication that my pictures would inspire someone to a poem is incredibly exciting!! And I’m not easily excitable. I’m glad for the pleasure of your company and looking forward to your poem(s), if you’re inspired to making any and if you should think it fit to publish them.


          5. You have had “interesting” experiences for sure. It seems they are of the kind most people would prefer not to have.

            I do like your poems though! I took the liberty of retweeting this one, it seems fitting for a #deafawarenessweek…


          6. I’m honoured to be your blogging friend! It means a lot to me. You come across as a person who enriches other people’s lives, at least my life, even if it’s only on the miniature scale of the blogosphere 🙂


          7. The blogosphere surrounds the world. We all want people to Follow and the like, but sometimes you just get that surprise that just…you’ve been a great addition to my sphere. 🙂


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