#292 Tin Cross



Not the cross you expected, right? This is a close-up of a tin gate.


22 comments on “#292 Tin Cross”

          1. It was unwise of me to offer a selfie, I think I’ll need to take it back… I haven’t been taking too many selfies recently, probably because I’m already bored with the subject (= myself)! I promise to take a selfie when I’ll be wearing something interesting though 😉


          2. Yes, I know, so I’m not taking the selfie offer back (I had to try it though, right?), I’m just postponing it for a more convenient occasion. Deal?


          3. If you’re in the GMT time-zone, I’m in GMT+1, so roughly the same. I’m just browsing through the photos and they are stunning — you uploaded a lots of them while I wasn’t looking! I love the beach and the dogs and everything 😀


          4. hehe, it takes such a looooong time and my uploads keep not uploading and i have to start over again, hence taking many many days but glad you like and i even was organized enough to do some albums lolol, shock horror!


          5. No worries, it’s ok to wait for good things, like your photos 🙂 Devon through your lens is really amazing, I’m still staring at the pictures….


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