#276 Minigolf


The game of minigolf and surely all other games would be much more fun if I won at least once. Not once in a while, just once ever.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

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  1. I won. ONCE. 😀 I was highly intoxicated (I could barely walk, got no idea how I managed to putt a ball), on some Spanish island, and thought it would be a grand idea to play minigolf. Clearly alcohol improves my skills drastically, as I’ve never won neither before or after.


    1. Were you so intoxicated that you don’t remember the name of the Spanish island? Haha 😀 Now, that’s interesting, next time I’ll take a pocket-size bottle of liquor with me. I’ll let you know how that works out 😉 Sadly, I never ever win anything. Seriously.


      1. I’m pretty certain it was Gran Canaria, but it was a long time ago. 😉

        I don’t do “sports”, so generally never win them. Hahahaha. I went bowling once, and although I lost miserably to everyone else (including my young niece) I did somehow manage to get a Turkey, which everyone else was completely cheesed off about, as I was such a rubbish bowler, and the rest of the gang who all bowl requently (one of them used to be a semi-professional bowler) got none.

        I win on giveaway competitions instead. 😀 So far we’re only a few days into May, and I got a gorgeous teddy for my eldest grandkid, and £50 worth of Amazon vouchers. 😀 I have to admit the start of the year’s been slow though… cheque for £100 and £50 worth of restaurant vouchers. I hate eating out, but it’s a Japanese restaurant, and I’ve never been to one, so quite excited. Sadly there’s over an hour away, so will make it a whole day out when I feel better. Also won a few little items, like hair dye, mascara and dog toys.


        1. Haha; now, that is funny. My worst grades in school were always at sports, which reflects my attitude to all kinds of sport very well. I don’t do it, I like myself and I don’t like torture. I did try bowling several times and also darts (and always ended up the last). Now I refuse to do any sports unless with my husband, whom I then reproach for not letting me win, as a gentleman would do. 😉

          You win giveaways?!?! I want that too!! I only won something once, I was ten or so and I won a tiny doll, half the size of my little finger. Since then, nothing. Now I’m depressed. I’m going to pop a bottle of liquor, if you excuse me…


          1. Oh goddness me… don’t get me started on sports in school (feels sick) or music… I hated both with such a passion it became my only goal in life to skip those classes. 😀

            Alright – I THINK think this is the sort of thing you’ll be looking for if you want to enter competitions, albeit my Czech goes just as far as online translations will go. Hahahaha.

            The site I use is maninly aimed at the UK, although a few worldwide competitions pop up there… like the one where I won the £50 Amazon vouchers, which was a runner up price of the Chesterfield comp ( http://crapiblogabout.wordpress.com/2014/04/23/incompetence/ ).

            When I enter comps (sometimes I enter every day, sometimes I take a break… now haven’t entered any for the last few days), I do about 20-30 a day. I am VERY picky on what I enter. Can I use it? Do I want it? Can it be used as a birthday/Christmas pressie? If yes to any of those, I enter it. 😀

            If you want to just win (it DOES give a wee thrill, no matter how little), enter for things like CDs and DVDs, as there will be less people entering for it. Big prizes has LOADS of entries. Prizes where you have to make an effort to enter for, has few entries, and means you get a bigger chance of winning. I genrally win one “biggie” a year. None so far this year – but there’s still a while to go. 😀

            I have won some cracking things… I won money, our blue ray player, my Nikon D3000, a Blackberry, a Nokia phone, our DAB radio, our TomTom, a lot of my clothes, a few weekends away, etc, etc. One year I entered like competitions like crazy, and by Christmas time I didn’t have to buy a single pressie! And the “gifts” were just fine, nice dresses, RayBan sunglasses, loads of make-up and perfume, etc.


          2. Ha! I had no idea you were a professional competitor! But it makes sense, of course, if you want to win something, you must enter a competition. Thanks for the link, it looks like it’s exactly what you’re talking about 🙂 You were very brave to dig in the depths of Czech internet!!

            The list of your prizes really got me hooked, it looks like a good idea to spend one’s procrastinating time on competitions. So, thanks a lot for your professional tips and I’m off to explore 😉 Though I doubt I’ll ever win anything: we have a saying here that if you’re lucky in love (which I am, sort of), then you’re unlucky in games (which I totally am). I guess there’s no English equivalent of this proverb.

            Sorry to scare you with the mention of school sports — but trust me, I feel with you, I was always the last in class and I’m deeply traumatised about the whole physical education thing. Eek!


          3. We got the same saying where I come from (Norway): “Heldig i spill (lucky in games), uheldig i kjærlighet (unlucky in love)”.

            I got the love. And as for competitions, it’s simply a numbers game. When people say they’re never lucky, it means they don’t enter enough competitions. Hahahaha! You cannot win, unless you enter, and the more you enter, the more chances you get of winning. 😀

            I won a competition too as a child, as still remember it – an address stamp shaped like Donald Duck. 😀 Then when we first moved to Scotland, the local weekly paper used to have comps for cinema tickets… I don’t think many others entered, as I used to win about twice a month! And then one year, I was bored one evening and figured there must be a competition out there where I can win a camera (as ours were on it’s last leg)… it was a photo comp, and out of over 5000 entries my picture was judged the cutest! And I got the Nikon… which got me hooked. 😀 4 years on, and I’ve raked in prizes worth in the region of £25000!!!


          4. Oh, so you’re originally from Norway and now live in Scotland? I think I love you! (I live anyone who lives in Scotland :-o)

            That’s good that the same saying is in Norwegian, it’s encouraging that we’re not the only weirdos with such sayings.

            You’re obviously right about the numbers: I say I never win anything, but the trouble could be that I never enter any competitions. That kind of explains it, right…

            Seeing how you rock it, I’ll definitely give it a try (or employ my retired mother, I suspect she’d love it because she always takes competitions in women’s magazines and on radio.)

            And now I think I will need to delete our conversation so that no one would steal your priceless tips!!


          5. If your mum goes online – she’ll love it! Sadly mine doesn’t, as I know it’s somthing she’d love, but she does all the crosswords in the womens magazines in Norway, and generally get a win every third month or so, it always pay for her subscribtions to the mags. 😀 My father isn’t interested, but he WILL enter competitions if he spots them in shops… once he won a fabulous price from a shop that sells everything (and I mean everything), it was 10000Nok worth of stuff from the shop – anything from food, to tools, to a foldable bike. 😀

            Hahahahaha – here in the UK all the tips are are available to anyone. But there are sadly some that takes it too far. They have many FB accounts and twitter accounts, just to enter comps. The forum I use is MSE http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/forumdisplay.php?f=72 . If you go to Forum Search, and then Advanced Search, you can choose to search for “worldwide”, and then pick the competition forum only to search… but as I said, generally all comps posted are targetted for the UK. At the moment about 20 showing up in search for “worldwide”.

            Knowing my hatred for sports, I have to say the win I’m the most pleased about, is one where I predicted football scores! Hahahahaha. Each week a major newspaper her gave away £500 vouchers for a DIY store. Each week you had to predict the results of a game that would play that weekend. Knowing bugger all about football, I always put 2-1, not even checking who played. And one week I not only got it correct – I was picked as the winner of all those that did. 😀 It paid for our loft insulation and the floor boards for the loft. I must have gloated to the other half for months about what sort of football genius I am. Hahahaha.

            Scotland was so dissappointing to me when we first moved here… I always thought the Scot were so proud of their country… they’re all talk and no action. Rubbish everywhere! Footpaths littered… rubbish everywhere by the roads… if people care about their country they don’t go and fling rubbish out of the windows!!!

            But I have to say I love their straight talking. People here don’t “stab you in the back”… they’ll happy to do it from the front in plain sight. Hahahaha.

            But, it’s not where I wanna grow old… I’ve developed arthritis in the recent years, and to be here as my body is aging more and more, in th cold and damp, is not on my wishlist. 😦


          6. My mum is the same with crosswords and stuff, that’s why I think she’d love online competitions — she spends quite a lot of time online too (a lot of time for a person of her age, that is).

            You football story is a good one — all you need is clearly common sense! 🙂

            Sorry to hear about your first impression of Scotland. I have the opposite experience, but that would be because my country is extremely filthy and littered. In comparison, Scotland looked very clean to me.

            I’m not too fond of Scottish weather either — who would — but I can’t help being attracted by the country. So, perhaps when you move out, I’ll move in… 😀


  2. As a European,are you good at playing golf?
    Whenever I go to a hotel in my country,I always see foreigners taking different poses with their clubs,trying to determine how hard they should hit the ball.In my country there is no culture of golf-playing,due to the lack of golf courses and the meager interest in international golf competitions.We’re more into football,horseracing and to a lesser extent,tennis.So we’re always amazed when we see amateur foreigners playing golf so well!


    1. Well, we’re avid players of minigolf, which is a miniature version of the regular golf, often played indoors. It’s affordable and you hire the clubs and balls for a small charge.

      The regular golf is a sport of rich and fancy people and it’s not too popular here because there’s not too many of rich and fancy people 😉

      But my country is well known for the fact that people here like to try everything: we are jacks of all trades and masters of none.

      Football is popular here and hockey too, horse racing and tennis to a lesser extend; so it’s the same as in your country 🙂

      As to me, I engage in no sports, no games and if I do, I always end up the last. So.


        1. Haha!! My ball was the pink one (hubby refused it because it looked emasculated to him), and his ball was the bright yellow (I’m not sure if his choice was any better, but whatever). I was knocking them around quite a bit! (And I still lost, boo 😦 )


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