#274 Green Something



I believe this is a tulip-to-be. But I’ll need to wait and see what it grows up into.


9 comments on “#274 Green Something”

  1. I certaily wouldn’t have a clue… only thing I’m able to do with plants and flowers is killing them off. 😦

    Although at the moment I got about a billion little tobacco plants growing… pretty certain I’m supposed to pick them out and spread them, but I figure the strongest will survive. How much do you wanna bet I gone in 2 weeks time? Hahahaha.


    1. Haha, no worries, I take the advantage of sharing the house with grandparents, who do the gardening — I don’t even know what kind of plants we have in the garden, I never tend them (because I’d kill them!).

      You grow tobacco plants? Wow! Sounds interesting! Sorry, I have no advice for you in this respect…


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