Fast Asleep


No need for concern. This cat is perfectly alive; she poses like dead when she’s sleeping purely for the sake of frightening me.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

19 thoughts

    1. She did miss me! The black cat meowed twice when I arrived (that’s a hell of a greeting for her!); but the tabby cat was fast asleep and too cross when woken to show any extra pleasure at seeing me again 😦


        1. She’s a character like no one! Today I offered her a treat and she hissed at me — an impolite way of saying “not now” 😦 Also, who on earth would refuse a treat?!


          1. Ooohh!! *happy dance* Hm, I don’t know, if you don’t want to put these on Flickr or Instagram or your blog, maybe you could just try emailing them? I know it’s a bother, but believe me that I’m very curious about your cats 😀


          2. haha so sweet…I need to now find them on my computer, OMG my dashboard is such a mess…I might just check they look ok and then decide where..tadahhh the excitement brews hehe x


        1. Yes! My cats scare me quite often, not only because of the poses they strike when sleeping but also because as outdoor cats, I must call them to come to me — and sometimes they take their time in coming. I guess I’m an over-cautious “mother”!


          1. I can get really worried when calling and she doesn’t show up. I have been walking round the neighborhood looking for her more than once;)


  1. Very lovely!
    It must be great to live as a cat – well as long as it has owners like you.I don’t know if it’s like that in your country,but in mine,people are more fond of dogs and somehow despise cats.So whenever they’ll see a cat on their way,they generally will frighten it away or throw a stone at it! For no reason!


    1. Oh yes, cat’s life is a good life — as long as you have reasonable owners, of course. It’s interesting what you say about cats in your country. Here we love both dogs and cats, though most people are not too fond of stray cats and dogs either.

      In general, in cities pets are taken good care for, but in rural areas people consider them domestic animals rather than pets and don’t give them too much care. Especially with cats it’s common that people have a cat or two outdoors but instead of spaying them, they just let the cat have kittens twice a year and kill the kittens. I consider this very cruel and stupid.

      (Both my cats were spayed the first thing when I concluded that there’s no other way to deal with kittens — you can’t have so many cats and no one wants them here even for free.)


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