Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top


In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top.

I wished to present you with a photo of my cat basking on top of a roof for this challenge. Of course, my cat wouldn’t climb on the roof today though I asked her nicely and though she spends there hours hiding. (Little does she know that I have her in full view from my window.) Please accept my photo of a wind vane (which is probably not a wind vane) on the top of a summerhouse instead.

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

    1. Is it so Czech?! Your comment made my day 🙂 Well, the structure is just the roof of a summerhouse in a public park and what the thing at the very top of it is I have no idea either. Probably just something decorative. I’m glad if I managed to pick something unique that you’re happy to have a look at 😉


      1. The fire-hydrant you posted on Instagram is equally Czech!
        It looks very kitsch with the greenish and blueish colour and the almost – incidentally – psychedelic background! A beautiful place,you live in! 🙂


        1. You put it exactly! Kitsch is the word that describes most of my country — that’s why I’m not a fan, I have a strong dislike for things kitsch.

          But the fire-hydrant made me smile — I like this painted version better than the usual boringly blue or red one. I actually like the hydrant 😉

          A psychedelic background you say? Funny! Are cobblestones psychedelic? For me it’s ordinary business, there are cobblestones all over the place! Some people call it romantic, I call it health hazard. Anyone who’s ever walked on cobblestones will understand why.


  1. Love the architecture. I’m sorry your cat declined the incline today. Perhaps we’ll get a glimpse some other day.
    You have a most delightful blog that I very much want to follow. I spent two Christmases in the Czech Republic and one week in Prague while I was serving in the Peace Corps, and loved every minute of it.


        1. I lived in Czechoslovakia, so posts about Slovakia work for me fine 😉 I’ll need to bookmark your blog to read through later when I have some more time, it looks very interesting!


    1. Thank you a lot, Janet, how kind of you! 🙂 The cat IS silly. But I still love her a lot. Now, will you please excuse me, I’m going to spy on her to see if she’s FINALLY climbed on the roof today…


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