#261 Branches



This mysterious photo is supposed to capture sunlight in the branches of a tree. You wouldn’t have guessed, would you?


33 comments on “#261 Branches”

    1. You are right. Of course here the photo didn’t capture at all the effect of light that I saw with naked eye. I had to give it a try though, in the spirit of test and trial 😉


        1. 😆 You’re so kind! And cute! I just love your new Instagram photo where you’re stretching your muscles 😀 You look awesome in large sunglasses (which cannot be said for most people, me including…)!


          1. Awe thank you they are my favorite cheap but I likey likey and had for years. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t suit hats or glasses so it’s rare I don’t crack the screen when having a pic wearing one or the other! I think some nice sunshine helps it’s been divine I want to live here lol x


          2. Aww, I’m glad that you’re after all enjoying what started as horror holiday! Come back well rested 😀 And don’t talk to me about cracking screens and lenses…


          3. Haha winks! Well I still have to post what I did that was naughty I think I shall wait until I return and can tyoe properly oh dear you might miss it then 😦 also you know 201 I am finding I’ve done all they say already in not messing with my blog I spent so long on it. I don’t mind getting some opinions on it’s look though to see if anything needs tweeking. I am hoping that 201 beings up something new x


          4. I’ll never miss your post, but please don’t delete it before I’m back from holiday! (wink wink) 😉 Blogging 201 has been great for me so far only because of the community — the tasks were either too easy or I’ve already done them. (I’m not changing my theme when I changed it two weeks ago, right?)


          5. Ecsctly I’m not changing mine either. I’ve not had a chance to get involved in the community due to using my phone 😦 I don’t usually delete posts but I suddenly felt it was a silly or non useful post and was also worried I got it all wrong. I did make another blog yesterday under eclectic and it does have it’s own URL I wasn’t sure after what you said but thought I would let you know for info hehe xx


          6. Of course it’s ok to delete a post when you feel that’s what you should do 🙂 I was just teasing you… I checked it and it looks a like you put a link in your navigation bar menu that leads from Eclectic to Lonely Place. I wasn’t sure that that’s what you wanted, but whatever you do, hope it helps you manage your blogs better!


          7. Heh, how am I now supposed to focus on writing my paper due before Monday when you pose with such puzzles! Well, I guess I’ll try to finish the paper and then go researching…


          8. Urgh terrible nights sleep I actually watched a semi horror til 2am then dreamt I was on fire then was sooo hot and thought I was having a kind of hot flush abs realised in this warm weather for some reason the heating has changed to constant! Panic over!


          9. Poor dear! But what an idea, to watch a horror before going to sleep? Even a semi-horror!

            On the other hand, I was dreaming yesterday that I was temporarily semi-blind and I have no idea why this, of all things. Well, perhaps because I am permanently semi-blind, at least when I’m not wearing my glasses.


          10. 😆 OK then, I used to have red glasses but now I have a new pair which is brownish. Quite stylish, I think, but than, I may be biased… I’m writing this down to my to-do list!


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