Cat Play

I decided there were not enough cat videos on YouTube, so I made my own. This under-one-minute video shows my cat at play, as much as ruining a plant can be considered a play. There is one more nature video at my YouTube channel, where you can have a peek if you like.

22 thoughts on “Cat Play

    1. WordPress hates me! Would you believe that this comment of yours ended up in the spam?

      Yes, the “garden” here does look a bit like a desert; it’s not part of the garden proper, it’s just a small patch of earth right next to the house. The plant is not grass, it’s tulip leaves! 😉 There are two or three tulips in this small patch, I assume the grandma will plant there grass, besides tulips. Or maybe she won’t plant there anything because it’s our cats’ favourite spot to lie about and ruin everything nearby, as the video shows 😉


        1. A diagram! That’s actually an amazing idea! Oh I wish I had the time to implement all the amazing ideas that you give me — believe it or not, often in our conversation something crops up that would be a great topic for a post, like the garden diagram, but I only manage to use a very small proportion of these ideas! Too bad. Anyway, I’m adding the diagram to my to-do list, this really inspired me! Of course, the idea is that the diagram would be funny too 😉


          1. Ah! This might be a factor. By the way, do you know that as a Premium WordPress customer, you can get email support? It’s said to be slow, but you can give it a try. The email is I mean, you are a Premium customer, right? You become one when you get the 99,- USD upgrade bunch, which I assume you did?


          2. I only heard of Premium customers recently; well, never mind, it was just an idea that I thought you’d be interested in. I don’t even know how you find out: I know I’m a Premium customer because that’s what the label said when I was purchasing my upgrade bundle…


  1. I love the music… so fun and works perfectly with the darling ‘cat video’. I love the relaxed way Ella plays and then rolls then plays. What program did you use to edit it? (I had no idea youtube had a music library… awesome!)


    1. Thank you, I’m so glad that you like my amateur creation! If you have a YouTube channel, you can upload your video to what they call a dashboard from where you can edit the video and add music, courtesy of YouTube. I did this video only by using YouTube tools. You can give it a try too, I’ve seen you’re experimenting with videos!


      1. I think I will! I have great video footage of Cooper treeing a squirrel (and squirrel teasing him of course). Does the program do things like lighten the footage?


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