#255 Offensive


My lovely friend Justine saw a close-up of this image and called it offensive. I deny having any knowledge of what she was referring to. All I can see is a poor innocent piece of stick.


Author: Mara Eastern

I'm a sardonic blogger, snapper, scribbler and rhymer; a virtual space invader who indulges in cheerful negativism, morbid self-deprecation and bleak humour.

22 thoughts

  1. Lol are you naming and shaming your fiancé now? I distinctly remember you saying you were so glad that you weren’t the only person who thought that! So I’m still semi locked out of wp , long story but seems I should keep a close eye on you :/p


    1. No, not naming and shaming anyone! It’s a friendly nod, really! ❤ Ha, keeping a close eye on me? *evil laugh* I thought I could go wild now that you're on holiday 😆


        1. WordPress support told me it looks like I’ll need to keep on using the two-step thing if I want to access the forums for the new zero to hero challenge. When you log the second time, though, the number has some six digits or so, I think: with me, it’s a little app that runs on my phone and keeps on generating random numbers that you need to enter when logging in. I still hate it a lot, though, because I’m the only person who uses my computer, hence I never unlog from any services. Come on, why would anyone hack a personal blog with some cat pictures and stuff, like mine…? Hope you’ll figure that out, I doubt I could help you with the two-step authentication because I barely know what I’m doing myself…


        1. Me? Naughty? Oh noooo… (does that sound convincing?) It’s grandma’s plant in the garden, nothing to do with me! I must ask her why she grows penises, though 😆 😳


          1. OK, accidentally I just went by the same plant in the garden now and it went into bloom. Instead of the two long phallic things, there are now two regular blossoms 😀 I took a photo and will post it when I get down to it. Just for the sake of comparison!


          2. I take my research seriously! On the other hand, I’ve got hundreds of unedited photos that I need to take care about, so it will take a while to get down to this particular photo…


          3. I just put up on Instagram a sanitised version of the offensive flower that I posted there earlier. So that you know 😉 Hope your horror holiday is going on better now…


    1. I didn’t mean to offend and no innuendos occurred to me when taking the photo… 😉 Well, at least we’re having fun guessing what the whole thing looks like! Sorry I didn’t take a picture showing the object it its innocent entirety…


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